Red in sunday night

12:01:00 AM

Last night, i watched Laskar Pelangi Theater Musical that goes on Yogyakarta. After have been show in Singapore and Jakarta. It held for 3 days 25,26,27 and i bought the tickets for Friday, 25 May. One day before the show, the comitee called me and ask me a favor to replace my tickets on Friday to saturday or sunday. 3 tickets for me, tiki, and icha was changed become Sunday.
The show was sooooo exaggeratedly awesome. The live orchestra from Erwin Gutawa, director by Riri Riza, story and Producer by Mira Lesmana, Arthistic design by Jay Subyakto and choreography by Hartati. The sound, lighting desain and also choreography were totally great. We felt like goosebumps cause of that great show. for the details info you can visit the website by click this link

Before, on the spot and after we always captured more and more photos. The first photo of us when we're on the venue. The next one was before we went out. Icha from the left, Tiki in the middle and me with the red tops. They had a sleepover at my dorm last night.

* anyway i'm currently like a british fashion style, and i'm trying to get the british style on me. 
My sunday night style  : red bowler hat bought at kaskus, red top by zara basic, black skirt by berskha, sneakers by converse. The photos have been taken at my room.

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