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People say that dreaming is the beginning of success, well without dreaming we will never know what value we want to reach. But, in the other hand, dreaming is just become a dream when you have nothing to do afterwards. Well, this is the short story of mine. I'm a big fans of fashion since i was in elemantay school. Well i'm not a shopaholic nor a branded-woman, but i do fashion in my way. This is weird when people in my age shop the in-style and modern clothes, and i'm not that interested to buy the same clothes. In sum, i'm the one who create my own fashion style with a little bit boyish looks. And this is me, and i'm comfortable with what i wear.

One day, i was sitting on the chair with two hands laid above my sketch book. I felt like that sketch book challenged me to sketch what's on my mind. I never think that the night when i was sitting and daydreaming brought me to be a responsible person. I decided to use my fashion taste combaining with my design background education. All on all, i hope my big passion of fashion would bring me to reach my dream.

Maybe, it would become a precious moment and prideful for all kind of designer when her/his sketch design becomes real, and people appreciate and enjoy it. So simple. -kadekarini-

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