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First of all I would like to say Happy 3rd Anniversary Air Asia Blogger Community ! Second, I would love to say Thank You for creating such a blogger community to gather the individuals like us to share the same passion in one platform. Being invited in this event definitely is such an honor for me. To be able to mingle and make new friends with other international bloggers who come from China, India, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia is the precious moment that I believe wouldn’t be happened to any random people, it’s because we are bloggers, and we are special *cheers
Challenge !! yess… challenge !! who doesn’t love challenge ? well at least I do and I believe people also do. But when the challenge envelope was opened and showed the keyword “EXPLORE JAKARTA” as the quest, I became suddenly worried. What to explore in Jakarta ? and What stories about Jakarta I have to share to other bloggers ? see how me and my team finish the challenges of 3rd Anniversary Air Asia Blogger Community event below ;

1. Take photograph of cookies
We were given a task to post a photo of a signature cookies by Double Tree by Hilton Jakarta. At the time we checked in in Double Tree by Hilton, we got a huge warm cookies that tasted super delicious.

2. Take a photograph of Air Asia In flight Meal
Ohhh…. this was my most favorite part !! I loveee Asian Food, like totally love it !! So When it comes to Indonesian Food, thai Food, and Malasyian Food, I became suddenly greedy. The fact that I just came back from China the day before the event even made me looks more greedy of Indonesia foods that came into : Nasi Padang, Nasi Kuning Manado, Nasi goreng. Oh Goshh !! How could i ask more ??
In Flight meal of Air Asia from all of flight destinations
Indonesian in fligh meal.

3. Air Asia Fun Race exploring Jakarta
This is the biggest challenge among the others, the prize is “1 AIRASIA RETURN TICKET TO INTERNATIONAL DESTINATION OF CHOICE FOR ALL MEMBERS OF THE WINNING TEAM”. Yess that’s the prize that made all of the participants have to be creative. We have team up with other bloggers to finish these challenges. My team was coming from China, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia. 
Bloggers from Asia-Pasific in Air Asia Blogger Community 2016
challenge for Q5, take a photo of indonesia food.
Seven of us were only given 100.000 rupiah (each) and 1 e-money card. The rule was no private transportation allowed, we had to take public transportation of Jakarta (and of course Uber and grab are not public transport). All of the quests were placed in Kota Tua, Jakarta. So we were heading to Kota Tua, Jakarta with the train from Cikini Station to Kota tua Station. For all of the 6 quests, I got the Question 5 to finish “ Indonesian food” photo. The rule that all people have to be in frame in the photo was quite challenging. But we have finally done them. 
4. National Costume of Your Country

Second most favorite of the event. At the Gala night we have to dress up in our own national costume for the awarding announcement. It became pretty noisy suddenly in the lobby of hotel as people were all so amazed of all the different costumes that appeared.
The Gala night in AABC 2016
I was the one who excited as well seeing our own national costume. We were 13 bloggers, the host country definitely have done our job so well. We came from Dayak, Java, Betawi, Bali, Sumatra, NTT and many more. I was so totally impressed of how many tribes and culture that we have, my lovely home country <3
Indonesia bloggers with our own national costume <3
But it became even more interesting to see people who came from different countries and wearing their own national costume be in frame together in a photo. It’s just feeling so proud to me to say “YESS WE ARE ASIANS, EVENTOUGH OUR COUNTRIES ARE CLOSE TO EACH OTHER BUT WE DO HAVE OUR OWN UNIQUE CULTURE”
Taiwanese National Costume
India National Costume
Thailand national Costume who won "THE BEST COSTUME"
A huge thank you to the committee who gather all of these strangers become friends and even more co-workers. For me to meet other people means to welcome new opportunities. The more you meet people, the more you’ll get inspired of things
Me with my team who came from Singapore, China, Indonesia #TeamBajaj
It’s absolutely not impossible to join the club ! I dare you travellers to join Air Asia blogger Community by submit the form. And waiting for another surprise challenge that Air Asia will give !! Simply click the link and follow the steps, and i would love to say welcome to Air Asia Blogger Community ! J


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  1. Mba Kadek, sekali lagi salam kenal. Haha. Selain bahagia krn nambah teman blogger dr banyak negara lain, aku jg senang karena bisa kenalan sama mba Kadem. :*

  2. AABC2016 seru abis! Asyik dan tak terlupakan!
    Senang bisa ketemu mbak Kadek, selebgram yang amat cihuy. Moga jumpa lagi di event berikutnya ya mbak