About Me
Hi, i am Kadek Arini, the author of this blog. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia. After graduated from high school, i moved to Yogyakarta and lived for 4,5 years for studied Architecture major in Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. The one who never hesitate that inspirations come from every single things around her. I believe that the way to inspire others is to share what we have experienced. Since ever i made this blog, i discovered that my passion is not only for traveling and challenge myself into the new adventure but also "sharing".Nothing could make happier for me than knowing that what i wrote and created have helped other people. She also believe that the way to inspire others is to share what she experienced.

Passion on Travelling
Travel has been my first love.  There is nothing more fulfilling to me than the smell of a new beach, the sounds of a new city, the traditions of an alternative culture, and the melody of an unfamiliar language. Meeting interesting and diverse people around the world, connecting with them and learning about their perspective on how to live life has enriched my life. Some people said i am a little bit adventurer as i never refused to try new challenge. Moreover, i enjoy hiking on the mountains, i also do the scuba diving, not to forget i am kind of food enthusiast too, all the things which new for me are always worth to try. If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you're not sure you can do it, say yes - then learn how to do it late. - Richard Branson

How Did i Start Travel 
I've been addicted to traveling since i had my first visit to Hongkong with my friend. That was my first time going abroad, I was still in 18 years old that time, i even did not know how to make an itinerary plan, what would i do in Hongkong, how the immigration officer looks like, all that i know was i would went to Disneyland in Hongkong. Fortunately, God always good, i met Indonesian who always visit Hongkong three times in a year. She informed me everything i had to prepare before landed in HK, she showed me some destinations i had to visit, she offered me to stay in her apartment too. I first thought she was just a stranger who i did not exactly know good or bad, i even accused her a bad girl, whereas she was just the local who tried to help me.

I started exploring Hongkong by myself, i asked local people, i calculated the route, i read the map, i had to decide where was the good and the bad thing, and finally i made my own itinerary the night before the trip had to be started on the next day. I inadvertently learned that trip was not about departing and landing, it's about the process, the journey that you experienced during the trip, the journey that would open your eyes wider that this world isn't that small, and you are not the only one who live there.

What Can You Find in This Blog
This blog contains of my traveling experiences, my photography crush and also my daily life journal. I made this blog to share what i have been experienced which through my Journey around Indonesia and International destinations, there are also some tips and tricks for you guys. Hope my blog would help and encourage you to travel.

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