10 recommended Bogor Culinary

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Randomly heading to Bogor after had a boring Friday night. Boring day which might always coming to an unrelationship single human. Ah whatever the cause it was, here i am want to share my experiences on 10 recommended Bogor Culinary Journey. But since i rarely take the photos of food, i apologize for some-oh-not-so-good-pictures i attach below. Anyway, Bogor  is 60km away from Jakarta is now could be reached in less than 1 hour. You just need to take the commuter line train and stop at Bogor Station. And the journeys is now starting.

1. Pia Apple-Pie Bogor
Jl. Pangrango No. 10 Bogor

If you're a fan of pie, here it is the place for you !! The place is so homey built in an indische arhitecture building. Some artworks was seen decorated the walls, the sofas were looking so comfy to share with the loved ones, some guests looked so confused choosing some pies to buy, and some were happy went outside while hold more than one plastic bags. They have so many variant of toppings, from the salty and the sweety pie with the price around 8.000-15.000 rupiah for the small pie in 5 diameter size and the big one is around 80.000-100.000 rupiah.

2. Pizza Kayu Bakar
Jl. Pangrango No. 21, Bogor Tengah, Bogor
Phone : 0251 8324160
Located right in front of the Pia Apple-Pie, we can find "Pizza Kayu Resto". This Restaurant has a good review and highly recommended by some culinary junkies. I personally was a bit surprise at my first arriving. The place was not look that good (well ignore my judgmental argument) because it looked too crowded which brought on a stuffy ambience. Its popularity was proven by so many waiting guest on the list, and i was on the number 25 ! I ordered 4 kind of foods which labeled recommended. Mie Sapi Lada Hitam tasted so good, and so did the I Fu Mie Special. How about the pizza ? The pizza served in a traditional cooking process, They were roasted by the cordwood instead of oven. Recommended for some of you who want to taste the different kind of taste of Pizza.

3. Asinan Bogor
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor

Heading to Jalan Surya Kencana which popular by its food and meals stalls along the street. So that was my first time tasting Asinan Bogor, don't have the clue how to say it in English, maybe a kind of Salad which has a mix taste of sour, salty and sweet ? Asinan Bogor was contained by baked grated corn, cucumber slices and the sauce that makes the taste unique.

4. Soto Kuning Pak Yusuf
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of BCA Bank)

Couldn't say more than greatly delicious to this Soto Kuning Pak Yusuf, though the expensive price was worth it. Soto Kuning is almost similar with soup which contained by sliced beef or the innards of the cow (well it is heard disgusting, but you can choose which one do you prefer to be on the soup). They will add the price to your bill after you choose what do you want. The price is around 10.000 rupiah for one beef. The yellowish sauce like seen on the photo is made by coconut milk mix with the broth of the beef and some indonesia spices. Worth to try !

5. Soto Mie Bogor
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of BCA Bank)
Another Soto !! The signature rainy city might be the cause of most of the foods in Bogor are kind of soup. It cannot be resisted that the best pair of cold weather is a bowl of hot soup. Ah anyway that was only my kind of judgemental argument haha. Starting with a question who does not know Soto Mie ? Soto Mie can easily be found in Jakarta, but i bet some of you never taste the original Soto mie from its origin, don't you ? Lucky me, now i had :D. It was just as similar as what i usually eat in Jakarta, nothing different, but at least i have eaten from its origin city haha.

6. Laksa Bogor
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of BCA Bank)
My second time eating Laksa ! shame on me that my first time eating laksa was only two months ago. Luckyly my first time was good, so that i came here again. And again Laksa is kind of soup, the different is there is no meat on the soup. It was only contained by angel hair noodle, toge and basil leaves.

7. Pepes Sagu Pisang
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of Mandiri Bank)

Still wondering why this kind of heaven meals do not exist in Jakarta haha. They were all tasted so damn good. Don't know what's the exact answer why i prefer to love traditional foods. Actually these pepes sagu were simply made by the small slice of banana which covered by sago flour dough combining with brown sugar and wrapped by banana tree leaf, traditionally baked to make it well done then. Simple but tasteful, as i can eat for 5 pieces in less than 5 minutes haha.

8. Es Pala
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of Mandiri Bank)
The unique cold drink i assumed when heard the name at the first time. We all know that pala or nutmeg is commonly used as the seasoning of the food with its spicy taste, but now it exists as an cold drink. Awkward face i showed to my friends right after i put the nutmeg slices to my mouth. Still cannot give the good review of it, although my friends said it was not that bad. Just in order to relieve your curiosity, this is worth to try. Make sure you will not buy more than one though haha.

9. Lumpia Basah
Jalan Surya Kencana, Bogor (in front of Mandiri Bank)

One of the best of the previous numbers i listed above. The best lumpia ever i can say ! Lumpia Basah as named because of its different way to serve it. Lumpia has been known as a deep fried vegetable roll. But, Lumpia from Bogor was served in semi deep fried roll. The contain of the Lumpia were also different to common Lumpia. It was contained by toge, scrambled egg and little slices of potato. The size is also big which ideal to be eaten by two persons. The price is around 12.000 rupiah.

10. Two Story Cafe
Jl. Pajajaran Indah 5 No. 7, Bogor Timur

Come to an end of the journeys, after all of the traditional foods and meals, we were coming to a cafe named Two stories Cafe. This place was recommended by my friend due to its unique interior and cozy ambience. It is also now becoming a highlight must visit place among Bogor Teenagers.

So those are my lists, as i mentioned, there must be the good and not one, but at least we have tried.

Kadek Arini

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