Yeouido Park, Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms in Seoul

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It was really my first time experience seeing the cherry blossoms, i know it's kinda surprising since i have been known as a travel blogger who should experience things more than others. Well, whatever it is, surprising or not i just want to share how excited i was seeing the cherry blossoms everywhere in every side of South Korea. Lucky me, that was April, a good month to experience spring season in South Korea. Once again thank's to Samsung Asia for this #NXTraveller opportunity.

Five hours flight journey with Korean Air, It was 8.00 am, i arrived in Incheon International Airport, we were picked up by one of Samsung Korea officers. Spring season for not so-much spring weather as i still need to covering my body with 2 or 3 layers. There were some locals holding pro cameras with very big lenses like those which used by sport photographers seen sitting on the back of window glasses. All of them were focus on one object, i don't know who is he. But i guessed he is a Korean Pop Star. A beautiful boy typical lookalike. 

Got the room in Intercontinental Hotel, Seoul. We directly went to the first destination to see the Cherry Blossoms. I was not really sure it was such a luck or not when i heard there was a flower festival in Yeouido Park. I should be happy because there would be more and more beautiful flowers existed, and yes they were there, the flowers. I was pretty excited walking through the path which framed by big cherry blossoms trees. There was sometimes a wind breeze which causing the cherry blossoms strands falling and flying. A very romantic couple was seen arguing about the things, another one was seen hugging each other tenderly. There was also young parents with their cute korean kid playing hide and seek. A beautiful Korean girl like that one on the Korea Drama were seen paddling her bike with the basket full of flower bouquet, seems like she just had a good flowers shopping day.

Beautiful moments i have enjoyed, except for the matters like due to a festival, it turned out to be crowded. There were some stages along the way, also some food stalls with a temporary tents existed, and absolutely the tourists. I was trying to put myself in a positive mind like yeah it was a festival, you had to be happy having this moment, it was rare, maybe only once or twice in a year. I was arguing my self like i used to do "come on kadek, You now can see so many kinds of Korean type in this crowded place, those one whom you might never experience later, so cheer up now !"
I seceded myself out of the group, was trying to get the excitement of seeing cherry blossoms. Then i found a street musician playing guitar instrument under the cherry blossoms tree. He was suddenly became the centre of attention. Big applauses were given to his good skill of playing guitar. The music was really good, but i decided to go out of the throng of people after took a portrait of him. Funny, i choose to sit in pedestrian and play with a pile of remnant cherry blossoms. I grabbed them and threw them apart in order to get the romantic feel of windblown cherry blossoms. I don't think Korea is a romantic place like it used to be called without the cherry blossoms were falling through my face, too romantic to be true.

*photo taken with Samsung NX500 dan Samsung NX3000

How To Get There
- Subway line No. 5 Yeouido Station 3rd Exit, 5 minute walk towards National Assembly building
- Subway line No. 5 Yeouinaru Station 1st Exit, 5 minute walk towards Kukmin Daily



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