Labuan Cermin Lake, Feel the Crystal Clear Two-Flavor Lake

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So, yeah i am writing here after my third times visit to Labuan cermin has just finished 4 days ago. Third times is not really a little amount for a place where could be reached for more than 2305 km from Jakarta. Well, i honestly have to say that i fall in love with this place. Labuan cermin Lake is located in Biduk Biduk Region, Berau, East Borneo. Though everyone knows about this magical beautiful lake, but only some of them decide to go there, since it is quite hard to reach this place. No, it's not hard because we have to do some tracking for hours or riding a motor trails to get there, it's more because 6-8 hours will be spent from Berau Airport to Biduk Biduk Region and vice versa. For sure, it will be first problem for working tourists who only have free time on weekend.
Labuan Cermin, East Borneo
The road from Berau to biduk biduk would become your boring overland journey ever due to the winding and bumpy road with lack or almost no view you will experience. The prefect time to starting this journey is no more that 03.00 pm, that's the perfect time i think, so you wouldn't arrive too late. If The overnight journey is too dark to see and feel the fresh air of biduk-biduk area, then your morning would be welcome by a calm atmosphere with straight tall coconut trees line up along the road and the clear blue sky combining the turquoise blue water on the coast.
Welcome sign board in Labuan Cermin
Where To Stay in Labuan Cermin 
Biduk-biduk area is a remote area, so do not expect of getting a luxurious accommodation to stay. There are only a few proper home-stays or inns, some of them are Penginapan Mayang Sari, Selvia Inn. But if you want to have the unique experience, staying at local houses is probably will be the good option like what i did. I was staying at one of local houses, the family was really nice, they also cooked me and my friends for lunch and dinner, and it was the best food i have ever eaten when i was in Borneo.
wooden boat which will take you to Labuan Cermin
How To Get To Labuan Cermin
Either the local houses or home stays are all located only 10 minutes driving to Labuan Cermin. You can rent a bicycle or motorbike which rented by the home stays. Once you arrive, you will be greeted by "Welcome to Labuan Cermin" sign board and the tosca water for sure. Go to the ticket counter and pay for IDR 100.000/ boat to reach the lake. It only took 5 minutes to arrive, and do not forget to ask the pick up time to your helmsman.

Tourists were heading to the pier

Best Time To Labuan Cermin
1. Clock Time
First of all, Since i have been there for three times, so i have experience how it looks in every hours. 
- 01.00 pm - 04.00 pm
I woke up too late that morning so i was going there not at the best time. I was waiting for the shadow for the boat looked like floating on the water, but it didn't come up. The water colour was also tosca instead of blue. The locals said, i should come back tomorrow at 10.00 am- 12.00 am to get it.
- 10.00 am - 02.00 pm
So the day after, i came again. The locals said that's the best time to see the clear blue water because the sun light that time are perfectly shine through the water.
Look at these two different photos which were taken during those times, just trying to comparing the water color to you guys. ciaooo.
Labuan Cermin at 02.00pm
Labuan Cermin at 11.00 am
2. Weekdays or weekend ?
Second, it might be not acceptable because i suggest you to not going on the weekend. I was going both on the weekend and weekdays. Labuan Cermin is a place which is well-enjoyed in a calm atmosphere. The sound of birds singing and the wind breeze through the forest were perfectly the best companion of the clear blue water. Just trying to convinince you why you should not go on the weekend, first reason is there will be so many local tourists going there, they are almost villagers nearby who (i am sorry i have to say this) mostly never see tourists coming from big city like Jakarta, they dress more like going for a picnic complete with foods on their baskets. Second, for them looking a woman wearing bikini is not a common thing, they will tease her, shouting and even asking to take a photo with this girl. You will probably think twice to wear bikini that time ladies ! The last reason is, due to the plenty visitors on the weekend, the boat would come more often which make the watter less clear and become turbid. So, have you decide your visit time ?
On my third visit, seems like the locals around labuan cermin already know me well. One helmsman remember my name and asking me to going around the lake with the boat like i used to do before.

Underwater Labuan Cermin
It's still amazing for me to experience the fresh water on the surface and salt water 2 metres deeper. I was also wondering how it could be happened. Even without thinking logically, this phenomenon was already stated on moslem holy book, and of course on others religion's book too.

"Dan Dialah yang membiarkan dua laut mengalir (berdampingan); yang ini tawar dan segar dan yang lain sangat asin lagi pahit; dan Dia Jadikan antara keduanya dinding dan barat yang tidak tembus.'' Al-Furqan [25] ayat 53

"And He let two seas to flow (side by side); they are fresh water and salty water; And He magically make the barrier to separate them''.  Al-Furqan [25] ayat 53
On the depth of 3 metre on Labuan Cermin
it was the real fresh water on the surface, and its getting blue and more blue on the deeper. I was trying to swim deeper to feel the salty water, and it was proven. There was like a blur barrier between the fresh and salty water, but they were still separated. Labuan Cermin itself is kind of a swamp, so there are some trunks inside the water, but those what make this place more iconic.
That trunk makes Labuan Cermin more iconic.
For people who cannot swim, you guys are absolutely still can enjoy the Labuan Cermin, because there are swimming bans and life jackets rented on the pier. But, it will be more well-experienced if you can feel those magical fresh water which flows into the seawater trapped in the lake.
This is when i experinced the salty water of Labuan Cermin
I spent two weeks to enjoying the beauty of East Borneo, Indonesia. Starting from visitied Derawan Island, and meet the stingless jellyfish in Kakaban Island, Watched Manta Ray playground, Felt the amazing experience in Labuan Cermin Lake which famous for its unique two-flavor lake water, fresh on the surface and salty at the bottom, with different types of fish coexisting alongside one another. Enjoy the movie !

How To Get There
- Take the flight to Kalimarau Airport, Berau
- Biduk-bidk is 250km away from Tanjung Redep, Berau. Hire a travel will cost around IDR 130.000-150.000 to reach Labuan Cermin and vice versa.
- It's better to go there in a agroup so you can hire a rent car.
- If you already arrive in Biduk-Biduk, you just need to take a boat for 20.000/person or 100.000/boat. If you are alone, you can join to any group on the spot.


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