Best Places and Homestay to Go in Weh Island

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the clear blue water of Weh Island 
If i have to say 2 words to describe Weh island, the words will go to "Leisure Time". It's obvious that Weh Island is the best place to unwind after a hectic city lifestyle.

Located in western of Indonesia, Weh Island is popular with its big city named Sabang. It needs approximately 3 hours to arrive in Weh Island from Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport, Aceh. There is a nice car ferry and two fast passenger ferries plying the route between Ulee Lhe in Banda Aceh on Pulau Weh. High speed ferries take 45 minutes and the car ferry takes 1,5 hours. They all leave from the new ferry terminal in Ullee Lheue.
1. Fast Ferry depart daily on 09.30 and 16.00
2. Car Ferry depart every Mon, Tues, Thu, Fri on 14.00 and every Wed, Sat, Sun on 11.00 and 16.00
Me and IndonesiaKaya team were directly heading to our hotel in Iboih island. This hotel would be our home for 3 nights. We were welcomed by the wooden bridge floating on the water. Iboih Inn is one of the best accommodation in Weh Island. 

The Lobby
The restaurant is the lobby itself, once i arrived at the hotel, i was welcomed by wooden outdoor restaurant with the sea view. As i was too excited went inside the room, my sandals was fall into the sea below the restaurant.
Natural Private Pool in front of Iboih Inn
Iboih Inn
Wooden Restaurant at Iboih Inn
The Room
It only has about 8 -10 rooms in tropical concept with full of wood material. The rooms were built on the rock cliff with sea as the view from the balcony. The room size is around 6 meter x 5 meter with king bed size and 1 bath room. My favourite of the room is the hammock which hang down in the balcony.
My favourite spot of the room
Hammock is available on the balcony
Iboih Inn also has 2 types of room.
1. Deluxe room - full service with AC - 500.000-550.000
2. Budget room - fan - 250.000

for more info visit the website

The View
The special thing of Iboih Inn which others don't have is it has a private natural pool. Trust me, the most clear water of Iboih Island is located in front of Iboih Inn. The wooden port would took us to this very clear water.
Iboih Inn has the direct access to the sea
If you already choose the place to stay in Weh Island, let me take you to another beauties of Weh Island. 

Diving In Weh Island
Diving in Weh island
Pulau Weh had been well known for its ecosystem, it is also one of the best diving sites in Indonesia with 20 diving spots. We were separated into 2 dive sites based on our diving skills. The three of us who already have diving license went into West Seulako Dive Sites and those who had their first diving experience went to Rubiah Jetty Dive Sites.
West Seulako Dive Sites
I was on the depth of 23 meter for 47 minutes time duration. The waves on the surface was quite big that day, but we finally made to going deeper. We were welcomed by so many kind of fishes, met a giant sweetlips, passed by a sea fan and the most popular of this dive sites is the cave. 
Huge sea fan on West Seulako Dive Sites
After Dive Selfie
Rubiah Jetty Dive Sites
Though i didn't experience this dive sites, but it sounds so fun. For people who want to have first dive experience, this dive sites is very good idea as it contained by sands instead of coral. Because as we know we don't suppose to touch or even kick the corals, this is one of the reason why first time divers have special area and are not allowed to dive deeper than 12 meter. The popular this of Rubiah jetty sites is its car wrecks.
Rubiah Jetty Dive sites is good for first time diver due to its sandy texture
Car Wreck at Rubiah Jetty Dive Sites
Underwater Volcano in Weh Island
Come to the highlight of the trip, swimming beneath the underwater volcano of Weh Island, surrounded by those bubbles on the depth of 3 meter. You will first feel uncomfortable with the sulfur smell, but you have to try to swim deeper and see how those bubbles weirdly come out from the bottom of the sea.
Bubbles on Underwater Volcano Weh Island
Snorkeling on Gapang
For snorkeling junkie, this place could become a heaven for you, You will find so many acropora only  1 meter from the surface.
Exploring the Acropora in Gapang Snorkeling Sites
Full of Acropora
Sumur Tiga Beach
One of the best beach in Weh Island, i finally discovered why it's called Sumur Tiga Beach, because there is a draw well (sumur) located on the beach. This beach has white sand beach and good waves.
Playing on Sumur tiga beach
White sand in Sumur Tiga Beach
Sumur Tiga Beach from above
0 Kilometer of Indonesia
Indonesia is very popular with its slogan from Sabang to Merauke, yes Sabang is the tip western of Indonesia. It's located 29 kilometres from Iboih beach which approximately could be reached for 45 minutes driving.
Hello from the tip western of Indonesia

Ps : Thank's to for this journey


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