Full Trip Trekking Mount Rinjani 5D4N - Part I (All the Way to The Summit)

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Mount Rinjani, Lombok, Indonesia
You said that you really like blending to nature but you haven’t been to Mount Rinjani ? You said that you are Indonesian but you don’t know what is the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia ? You said that you are a mountain addict but you haven’t place your feet on the Kingdom of Anjani land ?

Well, those questions are the things which came up on my mind when decided to write a story about this very beautiful mountain. From the height of 3768 meters above sea level, welcome to the Kingdom of  goddess Anjani, Mount Rinjani, September 2015. This is my journey on the third highest mountain of Indonesia. And then, let the photos speak and show you those beauties.
I heard a lot more compliments about Mount Rinjani rather than complaints. Well, i used to neglect someone who talk about how hard it was to be on the top and on the other hand trying to be pretty excited to hear about how worth their hard works were once it's done.
The pick up car from Mataram to Sembalun Village which will ride us for about 3 hours.
The day was finally coming after my 2 nights presence in Lombok. It started on the early morning. Me, Asoka, Ayub, Dina and Anggey were waiting on the place where we would be picked up by the car. This pick up car will bring us to the basecamp of Mount Rinjani where we will start the journey.
The agents of the summit. Thank you for the inadvertently lot of supports guys. love <3
Three hours time spent from Mataram (the capital city of Lombok) to the Sembalun Basecamp. This basecamp is the last place where you can find the proper toilet. So, you might be spend some few minutes here before the journey of wild life starts. Haha.

Basecamp Sembalun – Rest stop I (45 minutes)
This welcome gate is a sign of the starting point of the long route upcoming ahead. We started from the basecamp at 01.00 pm, it was too late to reach the Plawangan Sembalun where used to be the last campsite before the summit hence we planned to stay on campsite 3 on our first day. It was a pretty flat and enjoyable walk surrounded by some breathtaking view and golden grassland with quite cloudly sky looking out the fog blocked the hills view.
Took a rest on 7 hills of regret
Rest Stop I – Rest stop II (1 hour)
Still on the same trek on the open savannah. One hour passed to reach rest stop II. We lied our body on the gazebo and we saw the garbage issue, with piles of old trash covering the ground near the shelters. It was difficult to understand how someone could just throw their garbage without considering the long term consequences on the environment.
Rest Stop II – Rest Stop III (1,5 hour)
The day was getting darker, at 05.00 pm we finally reached the last stop to build our tents. Glad to know there was only other 2 groups at the same area. So it wasn’t really crowded that time. We really loved the weather, not that cold  as we  had our dinner outside the tents.

this photo has successfully described how messy it was when we were cooking.
Rest Stop III – Plawangan Sembalun (6 hours)
It was started at 11.00 am, the days before we were here, we heard a lot about the most difficult trek of Mt. Rinjani. It’s well known called as “7 bukit penyesalan” or “7 hills of regret”. The reason why it is called as it is because there will be 7 ups and down hills which requires the hikers to climb up, go down and then climb up again repeatedly for 7 times. 
Arrived at Plawangan Sembalun
I was trying to count down the rest of the hills I have to climb after finished the previous one. But, I didn’t find that they would be finished climbing up for 7 times, at the same time I also wondered where are those “down” lands ? there were only up, up and up again. Anggey said “do not ever count down the hills, because it’s only make your step heavier”
It should be only 5-6 hours spent to reach Plawangan Sembalun (the last campsite before summit), but we spent like 8 hours as we really enjoyed the times, we took photos and videos a lot, even we spent 1 hour reposed our body to laughed and joked around.
Plawangan Sembalun with its foggy view
Plawangan Sembalun (Last campsite before summit)
Here is the last check point before the summit, we eventually arrived at the ridge where we were to camp that day. We were welcomed by the sun which beautifully set behind the Segara Anak lake. Plawangan Sembalun has very beautiful scenery, we can see Segara Anak Lake from above. That’s why for some people whose are not their first time visiting Rinjani, they prefer to stay in Plawangan Sembalun and not going to go for summit attack. 
Our first sunset with Segara Anak Lake view.
When we finally arrived here, there were so many tents already built up. The sound of yelling like “do you want hot chocolate or hot tea?” were very often heard or the smells of chicken curry which were being cooked by the porter.  They looked so delicious even though were only cooked on limited cooking properties. This is one of the benefits of having a porter, you don’t need to worry about food, sleep, and heavy stuffs you have to bring, because they will be ready once you need.
Plawangan Sembalun from above
As the night come over, the milky way presented itself to us while we were cooking in front of the tent. I set up my tripod, mounted my camera, took this photo and stared at the universe in wonder.
Our first milkyway scenery in Mount Rinjani
Can't stop stargazing even the wind freeze so cold.
Day 3
Summit attack to the top of Mount Rinjani
It used to start at 02.00 am on the night in order to see the beautiful sunrise on the top. There will normally be 4-5 hours spent to be on the top. One of the reason why you are not allowed to do the summit attack too late because the afternoon time on the summit are quite dangerous as there will be strong winds blows.
After 30 minutes of stone and sand stairs, you will see this view.
The sunrise has been over, now the sky was turning into blue !
But, we were late or we slept too tight hence we just started at 04.30 am, it was freaking late I think but don’t worry we could catch up the best time. It was still dark at the moment, we were using our headlamp for sure. First trek will be stairs made by stones and soils for 30 minutes, and then you will arrive on larger ground. On this spot you can easily see Plawangan Sembalun from above and Segara Anak Lake also looked more clear. The summit of Mt. Rinjani was also could easily seen, it looked so close anyway.
Segara Anak Lake from the summit of Mount Rinjani
When we continued walking, we met a couple of foreigners walked on the opposite way. I asked them “how was on the top?” but they said “we didn’t make to the top, because it still far and the trek was frustrating” Well okay, the summit really looked so close but it was actually not !

The trek has the S shape to reach the summit. The trail got even steeper and the more I climbed, the more I had to stop and took a deep breath. I guess this is what it’s like climbing a sand dune as high as a mountain. Given the volcanic gravel, the climb consisted of regularly climbing two steps forward only to slide at least one back.  It took about four hours to make it all the way to the top with freezing winds pelting me the whole way.  It was a mental and physical battle to the top.   

We finally made to the top of Mount Rinjani
Summit Mount Rinjani 3768 masl
Hey hey….we finally here, on the Summit of Mount Rinjani. We successfully reached the top at 09.00 am. Four hours to make it all the way to the top. The clear blue sky, the ocean clouds and absolutely the surreal view ! 
Doing a Yoga posed on the summit, coz standing on the edge was so last year.
The land of the goddess Anjani has proven that it still the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia with all the views along the way, all the hard works were paid off. Mount Agung in Bali, the mountain Roared in Banyuwangi and mount Tambora on Sumbawa is clearly visible when the weather is nice in the morning. Another life experience of mine were top up.
This was taken at 10.00 am
There were only 2 groups including mine on the top, another one coming from one community, they made a very noisy voices of having a group photo. Some of them were proudly hold papers with greetings written on. But when they finally went down 30 minutes later after our arrival, the summit was all ours. No one else climbing up because yeah it was already too bright to be there.
As me and Asoka planned, we finally celebrated our birthday togetehr on the summit. Asoka (17 August), Kadek (17 September). Please do not ask about what age we were turning on. Well not that old btw.
That "Gosh!" feeling of standing above the clouds
The journey of going down only took 2 hours descend down the trail, the ashes blown so bad as I need to use the mask and sun glasses. And make sure you wear the hat to cover the direct sunlight onto your face. We arrived at the tent around 01.00 pm, had our lunch and took a rest before continue the way to the lake 2 hours later.
Favourite spot to get a magnificent shot !

Check out the full video below.

How To get There
Mataram city to Sembalun Village (3 hours).  If you are in a group you'd better to hire a rent car (pick up car) to bring all your belongings also. It cost IDR 200.000 for two ways.
- The ticket price is IDR 2.500/persn/night for local and IDR 20.000/person/night for foreigner
- Porter fee is 300.000/porter/night (for your consideration, you might have 2 porter for a group of more than 2 people)
- Logistic purchased cost around 300.000/person for 4 nights. (it depends on what you want to eat)
- Hotel in Mataram rats is around 150.000-250.000. I recommend you to stay in Hotel Arca due to its very strategic location near the mataram mall where there are many food stalls exist. And you might need a good place to relax after the super exhausted trekking days, this place is affordable yet worth to pay.


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