4 Beautiful Views of Nusa Penida You Won't Believe are in Bali

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I just got back from my second time visit Nusa penida, Bali. Not all of tourists know that Bali has 3 separate islands. Located 45 minutes by boat from Sanur Beach, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan usually have been choosen by travelers to escape from the busy South Bali Area. All of these three islands are separated by the ocean and we have to take the boat to reach each island, except for Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Ceningan, since there is a bridge provided between both of them. As the biggest island, Nusa Penida has so many beautiful places to explore. On my second visit in Nusa Penida, I got accompanied by my Friend, Duwi, he’s the local and Nusa Penida born. I could say he is such an expert showing me the best spots to proof the beautiful views of Nusa penida.

1. Kelingking Beach
The first breathtaking view is Kelingking Beach. The view of  the green hills combining with The blue ocean water, and white sand beach could be seen from above. The picture looks like we were taking a picture with the drone camera.
From the parking lot we have to walk down for 100 meter to see this view. You can absolutely go to the beach as the beach looks so tempting ! But you have to make sure you are not afraid of height. The track is steep, slippery and only 50 cm width. So be careful !

2. Pasih Uug
As known as the broken beach, what makes this place special is a hole in the middle of the cliff. The water here looks so clear. Pasih Uug is the nearest one you can reach from the pier.

3. Angel Billabong
Right after Pasih Uug, walking to the right side around 10 minutes you will see a beautiful natural lagoon named Angels Billabong. You can go down to reach the lagoon but the cliffs contained of karst stone, you have to go down slowly.

4. Atuh Beach
The next of my favorite is Atuh Beach. The view looks like Wayag, Raja Ampat with the single stone exists in the middle of the ocean. Or some of people said it’s quite similar like Nugget Point, Australia. Atuh beach is the furthest location, and the road to get here is so bad.
Make sure you come at mid  day to get the best light. The track to reach the view is short but steep. Prepare your stamina as you will trekking on the heat.

How To Get There
1.    From Bali you have to go to Sanur Beach, If you are staying in Kuta, Seminyak, you’d better take the uber/grab car. It will cost around Rp. 100.000 for one way – 50 minutes
2.    Buy the boat ticket for two ways Rp 150.000 (local tourist), Rp 300.000 (foreigner tourist) – 45 minutes
3.    Boat Schedule depart from Sanur to Nusa Penida at 08.30 am and leave from Nusa penida for Sanur at 03.30 pm.
4.    Rent a motorbike to explore the island – 50.000-60.000/24 hrs. Motorbike rent is easy to find, once you arrive at the pier, there will be so many people ask you for motobike rent. Do bargain as cheap as you can ! :)

Tips And Trick
1.    Road sign is not available for the destination, it’s quite tricky if this is your first time in Nusa Penida.
2.    Local people are mostly cannot speak English, and so clueless when I asked the way to reach Pasih Uug/Angels Billabong
3.    Internet Connection is edge, I even cannot use google maps properly.
4.    The heat will absolutely burn your skin, prepare your sunblock
5.    You absolutely can go one day trip, but if you are going by yourself, it will take a lot of time. My experience was I took 2 hours from the pier to reach Pasih Uug as I was so clueless how to get to the place. On my second time with Duwi, it’s actually took 45 minutes only to reach this place, embarrassing !
6.    If you want to visit all of those places above you need 2 days 1 night. Otherwise if you want to go for Day Trip, it’s still possible with the destination (Pasih Uug, Angels Bilabong, Kelingking beach) as the last boat to go back to Sanur is at 03.00 pm.
7.    One day trip in Nusa Penida cost around Rp 450.000-500.000/person (including boat ticket, car transportation in Nusa Penida, Lunch, and guide – minimum 5 people). It depends on your nationality. If you have question and want to ask about the trip arrangment, please feel free to email me at kadekarinisg@gmail.com


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  2. Same thoughts to u. I never expected Bali still has many amazing spot like these! Tfs Mba...

  3. very cool kadek, the writing is amazing, the photos are very cool. we like it very much. Thank yout for visit to our island

  4. Kadek must take the time to visit Diamond Beach. If you can go down to the bottom of Kelingking Beach and Diamond Beach. definitely more exciting. although it feels tired because they have to trekking down.

    private tour Nusa Penida

  5. Try One Day Trip Nusa Penida only 350K/pax. Include all facilities dek. Thank you

  6. Nusa Penida, Bali is the best destination to visit. It has best oceans to go and the story tells a lot about it.

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