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Two hours driving from Jakarta, Bandung is becoming a popular destination to escape from a busy capital city.  My friend who works in Jakarta told me that he visits Bandung once in a month, because he thinks Bandung can offer the relaxation and a chill feeling. I’ve visited Bandung a couple of times since i grew up in Jakarta. As a capital city of West Java, Bandung now becomes more and more develop. The new government is successfully managing Bandung as an attractive city and being so friendly for young people and family. Let’s see what Bandung can offer :

Bandung has so many kind of hipster cafes. Some of cafes are managed and founded by creative young people. Yes, Bandung is also listed as a creative city in Indonesia, this is naturally happened because there is one of the best universities of Indonesia located in Bandung. It calls Bandung Institute of Engineering, even though the name sounds like it specifically for engineering, it also famous with its faculty of art.
Cireng, the most famous Bandung meals !

Woke up early morning and heading to a beautiful coffee shop located in the middle of the pine trees. It just felt so amazing having my first glass of coffee, Fried Banana and Cireng (a traditional Bandung meals made of flour and deep fried) in the middle of natural pine trees. This is definitely how those Bandungnese start the day. Armor Kopi is located in TAHURA (a nick name of natural park). There are plenty of coffee shops you can find here.

Bandung also usually been chosen as the culinary destination as it has such a very unique traditional delicious foods ! Let’s start from my favorite :
Durian Ice Cream (USD 1)

I have to admit everything about durian will always be my favorite ! haha Sorry for the selfish opinion, but seriously guys, if you are fan of durian, you should put this one as the number one list. Durian Ice cream usually served in a plastic glass and it contents of durian ice cream and some real durian fruits. You can easily find this ice cream in food stalls.
Batagor (USD 1)
A plate of Batagor contents of deep fried flour mixed with fish, fried tofu, and peanut sauce. Easy to find as this one also Bandung special culinary menu !
Bakso Cuanki (USD 1,5)
As Bandung is located in highland area, the weather here is so perfect around 15-20 celcius degree during day time, even colder at the night. That’s why a bowl of soup also become a favorite meal. Bakso Cuanki is made of Meatballs, tofu and boiled flour mixed fish served with a hot tasty soup. This was recommended by my Bandung Friend Aris (click his name to see his page). The store is located at Jalan serayu No 2, Cihapit, Bandung.

Oh yess, who doesn’t love shopping ? Going to Bandung is not perfect without shopping. Bandung has so many kind of shopping area.
If you like branded stuffs with discount, you might check Paris Van Java. It’s actually a mall but sometimes there's such a big bazaar sale. For example, when I was there, there was a surfing brand sales up to 80%. I bought a roxy pants from the original price Rp 400.000 (USD 31) became Rp 150.000 (USD 11) after discount. I also bought a Billabong bikini for only Rp 100.000 (USD 8) after being discount from Rp 499.000 (USD 38)
Bandung is well known as the city of Factory Outlets. One famous factory outlet named RUMAH MODE. Factory outlets basically have cheap prices as they are all designed and made by the locals.

Jalan Riau is the place for hipster young people. There are plenty of local brand  with good design owned by young entrepreneurs
This is the biggest flea market area in Bandung, they sell vintage clothes and things.

I do remember when I was a kid, my father always brought me to Bandung to have a Family getaway. Even until now I am 25 years old, Bandung is still being a favorite for those families. Dusun Bambu offer some activities for family members.
Not only a restaurant which beautifully decorated in West Java Traditional design, but also a unique concept for kids holiday. They have a lake and we can have a tour with a wooden boat. They also will pick you up with this fancy colorful van from the parking lot to the main attractions

HOW TO GO TO BANDUNG (one way price/person)

Bandung is 2 – 3 hours driving from Jakarta, there is a highway connecting between these two cities. Bandung  toll ticket cost Rp 60.000 (USD 4,5)/one way, and you need approximately Rp 200.000 (USD 16) for petrol/one way. Let’s say you are going with your 3 friends, so it would be divided to 4 persons and each has to pay for Rp 65.000 (USD 5) for one way Jakarta to Bandung and vice versa.
Taking train will take 4 hours from Jakarta depart from Gambir Station to Bandung Station. Executive AC Train (Argo Parahyangan) cost around Rp 100.000 – 150.000 (USD 8 – 12) for one way. You can check the schedule and book online via these websites : Tiket.com, PT KAI, Tokopedia You can also buy the tickets at some big stations such as : Gambir Station, Jatinegara Station, Bekasi Station, Kota Station, Pasar Senen Station. The ticket price doesn’t include the food, so you have to buy meals service in the train.
This one is the most favorite transportation as it just needs 2 hours and you will not feel tired caused by driving In traffic. The popular companies for minivan are Xtrans, DayTrans, CitiTrans cost around Rp 100.000 (USD 8). Minivan usually depart from their counters, please click the link to see the schedule and near location from your place J

Is there any Bandung Expert here ? You can absolutely share your favorite places in the comment coloum below J

Ps : I was delegated as an Indonesian Blogger to promote #WonderfulIndonesia held by Ministry of Indonesia Tourism for #TripOfWonders 2016. Check out the page for more amazing Indonesia Destinations http://www.indonesia.travel/landing

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