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Panda in Panda Research Base, Chengdu
“if you are given an option to be an animal, what would you be ?” in 5 seconds I answered “PANDA”. Of course the next question came out was “WHY PANDA?” I didn’t know exactly why, but that was the first word came on my mind, but eventually I made my own reason that because Panda is such a lazy bastard who seem never do anything and never move their ass. But, instead of being ignored because of their laziness, human really obsessed with their cuteness !
Panda in Panda Research Base, Chengdu
I was just folly thinking to be like Panda who never make effort of their entire whole life but still got so many fans. Days in chengdu were my most favorite day off all over my Solo travel overland china. I got 4 days in Chengdu and managed to finish some pending works as chengdu was the city that I finally could be back to civilization
Chengdu is known by the home of Pandas, there is a big Panda Research Base of Giant Panda breeding where we can visit all the things about Panda, from the baby panda, adult Panda and red panda. And it was even more interesting because I just knew that Panda is not only in black and white colour but Panda also come in red species. The red Panda looks more like Mustang, and they were very energetic. They climbed the trees and move to another trees very fast comparing with the black and white panda.
Panda research center was pretty easy to reach. I took the metro in pink line which really surprised me because all the decoration I found were about Panda, even the wall graphic design. Once arrived in the bus stop, I just needed to walk for 100 meter to see the huge panda gate, yep like what I said

"On The way to panda reserve center, you’ll find all the decoration is about Panda”.

Entrance ticket in Panda Research Base, Chengdu
The entrance ticket is quite expensive but I didn’t mind as long as it’s for giving a life to Panda. We won’t be given a maps, so please pay attention to the big maps board right after passed the gate entrance. The park was quite big, and you can choose either walking or taking a sightseeing bus. I was heading to the furthest place to see the big Panda.  I was a little bit disappointed as I just saw one Panda who keep showing off his ass and not even look at me. I moved to another big Panda enclosure, the panda looks more friendly and active. He walked around and sometimes heading to the fence.
Panda in Panda Research Base, Chengdu


OH nooooo why the hell I just know this fact ??!! I thought that Panda is one of those animals who cannot do anything other than sleeping. But, look here !! He was enjoying his peaceful moment at the top of the tree !!


Res Panda in Panda Research Base, Chengdu
Another fact that I know that Red panda does exist ! I was pretty curious when seeing the sign board of Red panda home. At the end of the route I ended up at the lake and a very photogenic and Instagramable bamboo trees tunnel. This looks like in arasiyama Kyoto, doesn’t it ?

"Can we hug the PANDA ? Can we do selfie with Panda ?"

Yes you can ! but as I know and read on some sources, you have to give the donation for 200 USD as it genuinely goes back to the care of Pandas. For them who just being regular visitor, we cannot get close to the panda as the were placed in a very big sanctuary and we are only allowed to stand behind the fence.

How to get there
-       Take the train to Xiongmaodadao Station
-       Take the exit 1, when you get off of the station, turn left and walk 100 meter to find the bus stop and take bus number 198A.
-       Your bus stop name is Panda Base Stop, it was around 1- minutes away from the train station
-        Cross the streets and walk about 100 meter to the entrance


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