My First Impression and 11 Facts I just Know About Maldives

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Do you want to know which one is my favorite day during all of my travel journeys ? It’s always The first day arriving in a new place/country. The first moment stepping a new land that you’ve never been before always excite me in so many ways. It’s just funny remembering how many times I said “OH !” at my first day in Maldives because of some surprising facts.
Fact 1 – Indonesian doesn’t need VISA to enter Maldives

We Indonesian don’t need visa to go to Maldives. The thing that I am exciting for about Maldives.

Fact 2 – It’s not expensive to fly to Maldives from Indonesia
And I am so happy to say, it’s not expensive to fly to Maldives ! There are some budget airlines flying to Maldives. I flew from Indonesia with Tiger Airways and it cost around 335 USD for return.

Fact 3 – Maldives is a muslim country

Honestly this is one of the facts about Maldives that I was really surprised to. Known as a beachy country, I was so shocked knowing that we are not allowed to wear a bikini unless you are in the resort or bikini beach. Tourists are not allowed to bring any accessories with other religion symbols, they would be confiscated by the airport’s staff once your stuffs scanned. Almost women in Maldives wear hijab and adzan regularly sounds 5 times in a day just like in Indonesia.

Fact 4 – Maldivian face doesn’t look like Indian
I thought that Maldivian face looks like Indian and srilankan as they are neighbor. I was wrong, even though they look same at glance, but as I stay longer I started to be able to differentiate how different they are. Srilankan has the curly hair and most of the boys keep it long just like a rocker band vocalist. And they have different eyes and nose shape.

Fact 5 – We can pay with USD dollar in Maldives
The actual currency in Maldives is rufiyah, but since there are so many international tourists coming, they also receive USD dollar for payment transaction. If you have rufiyah money, you need to finish it because you can’t exchange it again to dollar or into any other currency. Most likely, the change would be in rufiyah if you pay in USD dollar, but there are also some cases they give USD dollar as the change. 1 USD Dollar = 15 Rufiyah.

Fact 6 – Maldivian is polite, friendly and helpful
One of the reason why I am missing Maldives already since 3 days leaving that country. Maldivian is so friendly, and because Maldives is a muslim country, woman is highly preferred. Man is so polite to woman, you wouldn’t hear a group of boys shouting or yelling at you because you are a girl who walk alone. Maldivians are really the most helpful people that I’ve ever met, their standard of services are really high, everything are well provided.

Fact 7 – There are also affordable cottages/homestays to stay in Maldives
Yes, I thought that all of the hospitality properties in Maldives are 5 stars hotels. But I was wrong again, I stayed in Maafushi island, the most popular Maldives island for travelers. In Maafushi, there are affordable cottages and homestays start approximately in 55 USD dollar to up.

Fact 8 – The color water of Maldives sea is blue even in the harbour.
The Maldives international airport located in one island, so literally the airport building is surrounded by the water, and yess it’s tosca even though in the harbour.

Fact 9 – The international airport is located separate in one island
I was quite confused when a local told me that I can drop my luggage at the airport’s locker and take a ferry to Male to spend the rest of your time in Maldives. Why did I have to take a ferry to go from the airport to Male ? yes because The airport and the capital city, which is Male are located in different island, they are separated. Take ferry from airport to Male cost 1 USD.

Fact 10 – Maldivian obsess with latest gadget
A young guy that picked me up at the airport was holding an iphone 6, so did another guy I met on the speed boat. Almost every Maldivians are using iphone 6/7 or Samsung galaxy s7 edge. A front office staff of the cottage where I stayed in Maafushi island discussed about the current popular worldwide youtuber with me, and surprisingly he’s even know more than me.

Fact 11 – Almost Maldivian speak English.
You’ll be surprised how Maldivian speak English fluently, they speak almost like native speaker. Don’t worry of having a trouble conversation, because everyone would understand what are you saying in English.

Those what were on my mind when I arrived in Maldives, welcome to the beauty of Maldives on the next post.

PS : For more details about my Maldives itinerary, You can contact @MaldivesLowBudget on instagram or visit the website to see the next Maldives Open Trip Schedule


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