Dear Girls, These Are 5 Things Why Your Mother Doesn’t Allow You to Travel

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“Same size shoes, same size dress, same fashion taste, same sense of humor. We do more look like a sister rather than Mom-Daughter.”

Yes, I am a girl and i’ve done solo travel to some countries and my mother feels okay about it. Therefore, yes it’s not easy to get permission from your moms to travel especially we have to embrace Asia's culture. Here are some facts that girls have to know the reasons why your mothers don’t allow you to travel :

1.   She believes that you’re her other half
Because you wouldn’t be here without your mother.
The mother-daughter relationship is the strongest bond in the world. It is considered one of the most powerful connections in nature that only them who understand.
Have you imagine that you were living in her body for 9 months before you can see the world, feel the breath, give a sound, and touch the things ? And she was also there when you were zero who couldn’t do anything instead of crying, she’s the one who passionately love and be there for you whatever and whoever you are.
What should we do :

Admit it, you can’t escape from the fact that you are her other half. Even though, you probably will always think that you’re old enough to take care of your life by yourself, it’s impossible to remove the figure of mother. Appreciate her.

2.   She just worries about you
You might be wondering why is it hard for her to give you permission to travel,

and the reason is just as simple as “She worries about you”.

She worries when you’re not around, she worries about where will you stay, she worries about what food you will eat, she worries about the safety, she worries about you and what you will meet along the way because she used to be the one who will stand for you in the front since the first day you were born.

What should we do :
Tell her wherever you are. Stop being overthinker, think as simple as she just needs your update that you’re okay. As long as you manage to keep updating her, you’re now actually building a trust in your relationship. But, remind yourself to never give too much information, because it would make her anxious. Saying that you’re okay in your new place is enough, adding interesting stories would be good too, but remember don’t tell her any bad things, if you still want to get her permission for the next journey.

3.   She doesn’t understand why you should travel
Yes, we are living in different era. In my opinion, our parents generation is focused on working all day, that to be success means you have to work hard. And those two main things about their life are family and wealth. The way that our generation differs from our parents is that we have grown up in this society that leads us to believe we should pursue happiness.

Our generation is much more focused on enjoying ourselves and grasping experiences opposed to making the big bucks.

Living with family that doesn’t spend much money for travel, i am not used to given a thought that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Though, travel has changed everything on me to become a better person.

What should we do :
Tell her you need to see the world, that this universe is too beautiful to neglect.

All the challenges and opportunities travel lays at your feet help you learn about who you are.

People you meet while on the road will give you a glimpse outside your hometown circle of friends and force you to take in new and refreshing perspectives. Seeing the world provides an education that’s absolutely impossible get in school. Because travel will challenge you to not getting the same daily latte at the same place and staring at your computer screen everyday. Travel is full of moments of joy and challenges.
4.   She cares about your look, your skin, your beauty.
She really does, because she has to embrace the truth that traveling will drag you to meet the sun even more which means it will affect the health of your skin. We all obviously know that skin is one of the most important part of woman’s body. And it could be damaged by intensely meeting the sun, sea water, and even pollution if we don’t take care of it.

What should we do :
Our skin needs more Vitamin-E. Why ? Because the benefit of Vitamin E is both a nutrient and antioxidant. The antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals, which damage cells and might contribute to cancer. My mother and i are now consuming Natur-E Orange 300 Soft Capsule and using Natur-E Pink Revitalizing Hand & Body Lotion as it’s the lotion that contains of Vitamin E. And if we’re talking about the texture, it’s very light and adaptable to everyday use. What I love more about Natur-E Pink Revitalizing Hand & Body Lotion is pink pomelo smell that freshen the feels.
We have to be aware that it’s not enough to only treat the skin from outside, we also need to take care of it from inside. We sometimes worry about the effect of consuming the skin care supplement, as someone who has been consuming it quite long, Natur-E doesn’t has negative effect that causes weight gain or acne, it is safe to use. And it’s also safe for those who are pregnant and having breast feeding period.
I am actually quite envy with my mother whom still look fresh even though she’s 52. She said that pretty should be from outside and inside (Cantik luar dan dalam). It’s not about what skin shade you have, white or brown. As long as you have healthy skin, embrace it.

It’s more about accepting yourself and be beautiful in your own way. And don’t ever say that age is a limit, there is no limit of being beauty, you should be beautiful whatever your age is.  #BedaUsiaSamaCantiknya with #TemukanCantikmu.
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5.   She Loves You More Than You Love Yourself
The only reason why all those things above happened is because she loves you. She always think that she’s your guardian angel who will protect you from everything.

What should we do :
Prove her that you’re a responsible human being, and don’t ever to betray her love.

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