Switzerland Journey

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Maybe this is the latest posting ever, i blame all of my laziness to create some new post in my blog. Okay well, i maybe never tell about my vacation to Europe before, it's held about 3 months ago. Honestly, it's like a sudden vacation. whatt ??!! you said Europe as a sudden vacation ???  are you crazy ?? Many people only dream to go there, and you can say it's a sudden vacation ?
I know very well, it's an insane statement, but surely i never expected to go there so soon, i mean in my age.   Okay skip, this happened because of my mom who wanted to go there with her friends, and she offered me to join. First i answered no, and the reason was because i thought the tour would only filled by women in my mom's age. Then my mom explained more, that her friends also took their children too to join. Absolutely i was more and more interesting knowing that most of their children is in my age.
The tour was held in 2 weeks, i visited about 5 countries in Europe and a hundred photos filled my laptop of course. I really exciting to share all of the stories and photos  in this blog, but it's like.............dang ! my lazzines is coming up. hehehe :p These photos below are The Switzerland journey, my favorite country than others and of course the best one to live in my opinion.
Those two photos above were taken when we were on the way from Milan, Italy to Switzerland. You can see Switzerland is a country that filled by mountain and highland. The weather was so freezing,  not freezing actually, more like windy i think. there is the building in the middle of the picture, i'm not sure what it is, but i assumed it was a school, because there are many teenagers who wear a backpack go toward that old building.

i stayed in Laussane in Switzerland, it is a small city in the side of Swiss. The city is so calm, people prefer riding a bike to do some activites to use a vehicles. For the second day in Switzerland i went to Mount Jungfraujach, it's one of the highest mountain in Europe. How to get there is take the train. The old train i think.

My mom was taken at St. Grindelwald,  We already left the hotel in the morning at 10.00 am. I could say it was sooo freezing, my body was so stiff. and i never expected when i arrived on the top of mount Jungfraujoch, i was shocked when see the temprature is in -10 celcius -___-. Geezzz......my body was so heavy, my leg was heavier to step over, my head was groggy, it's like there is a hammer that punch my head :/ and the unexpected one is i suffered the nosebleed for a while -___-. That time i wore 3 layers of sweaters, two layers of pants and one shawl around my neck. 
I finally can touched the snow :D

The photo of Mount Jungrajoch

Me and my lovely mother
The candid photos taken in the train, the happy mom and son.

Ps : I'm currently love to wear a poloraid frame effect in some photos, so i tried to use it in some of my photos. enjoy the pics :D

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