A sudden small surprise for Tissa

9:50:00 AM

Single, most of your times were spent with Friends. It's just happened unwittingly, friends are the best place to share and laugh with.  I never wonder that i can pass this sorrow so fast, and yes friends took the top place as the cause. They always put a smile and a laugh on my face, i can forget all the sad things when i was surorounded by them. This is what just happened this afternoon. A very happy birthday girl is Tissa Florika, happy 21st years old tissa,  Wishing you a good health, a big success & happiness, and big money with great love. Many happy returns of the day. 

In order to her hobby, we decided to choose some unique scrap book paper as a present. She really likes to have fun with some paper, *pssttt i just ordered a scrap book too from her, i'm gonna post about it soon :p

 This is a birthday girl, Tissa Florika with her new present and cupcake :)
These are the beautiful girls behind the scene hehe, Ica, me, Tissa, Tiki, mayang. They are my college mates in architecture faculty. They are all beautiful, aren't they ? including me of course :p
After some small celebration and chit chat, We went out to have a lunch, unfortunately tissa couldn't join because there was somethng that she must to do that time. So we went for 4. Il mondo is the place where we choosed, it's an Italian restaurant. We ordered Fetucini alfredo which content cream sauce, green peas, and smoked beef, two photos below in a row are penne salmon and spagheti bolognaise.

Are you feel hungry seeing those pasta photos ? hehe, yuph they are absolutely yummy delicious. People in Yogyakarta, you must try them !!
Anyway this is my first posting since i've cut my short hair. what do you think about my new hair look ? some people said i'm looked more fresh with this short hair. Happy sunday people :D

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