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This is the continuation from my previous post. After had a memorable journey on the north of lombok island, we continued our journey to the central Lombok. Arrived safely at Bangsal Harbour, what we had to do was, found a car to escort us to Mataram (the capital city of Nusa Tenggara Barat) since all of our suitcases and bags were deposited at Nuri's house ( my KKN friend who domiciled in Mataram). And the problem was, there were not a rent car stores near the harbour, if it existed, the price was so expensive. We decided to walk outside the harbour for about 2 km lead to the main road. 1 km was passed, suddenly, there was an angkot (indonesia public transportation) offered to took us to Mataram with a good price. After had a harsh bargain, we had to paid 100.000rp. It's cheap enough for 7 persons i thought.

Well, the journey started after i and pimpin finally got the rent car in Mataram. The cost was 575.000rp for 51 hours with APV minibus. Got all of the bags into the car, We began the trip with only maps and gps in my hand. If you're think that one of us know about Lombok, well you're totally wrong. We just used the internet connection and all of courages to asking local people haha.
2 hours driving took to arrived at Kuta. Well we arrived when the sky were already dark in a condition  we didn't had a place to stay (again) hahaha. So, the first we had to do was found the hotel (again) hehe. Okay then finally we got a very good price in Dian's hostel located in the side of Kuta beach, lombok. The rate was 100rp/room including breakfast. Because we felt so tired and it was already a late night, we decided to took a rest since we had to woke up at 04.00am due to one of us had a flight to go back to his hometown earlier. 
Next day, everybody woke up at 04.00am, had our own breakfast, then together got in the car. After dropped off Dana in Praya airport, we continued our trip to Tanjung aan beach and the beach next to tanjung ann ( i'm sorry i forget what's the name is). Arrived there at 05.30 wita, up to the hill and we all were waiting for the sunrise.

a sunrise in tanjung aan beach

In Desa Sade, one of lombok traditional original village. 45 minutes driving from kuta beach lombok. Avery good cultural and architecture visit.

these photos below i took at Kuta beach, Lombok

Well, beaches never disappoint me. For the next nature exploring ? why not ?

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