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if you glance to those photos below, you might would be guessing where i was. Yes, like i've already told before in the previous post, i got involved on field work and community empowering, called it KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata). After 5 weeks practicing my major science, i learned so many things, that life is not easy as the theory, practice take the big step to achieve the success. Well then, this is the story about the journey of Lombok with my partners, They are actually my new friends from different majors in university. However, I felt so comfort and enjoy had a holiday with them. Their characteristics and interests are same with me. We took the journey for 7 persons. So this is my other travelling experiences.
We went from sokong village ( the place where i did my social field work) to Bangsal Harbour by public transportation ( we indonesian called it angkot) in order to cross the sea by boat. We bought the tickets, destination to Gili Trawangan for 10.000 rp/person. The Voyage took 30 minutes from Bangsal to gill Trawangan. 

Arrived at Gili Trawangan, first step we had to do was, found the place to stay. Okay we decided to found it when we arrived at the spot. Because so many low cost hostels to be found in this island that you wouldn't might find it in the website. After 1 hour walked, we got a very good cheap place. The name was Luck's rooms, located 200m behind the mosque. We had to pay 900.000rp for 2 rooms,7 persons, and 3 nights staying. The room facilities were, AC, 2 double king bed, private bathroom with shower and breakfast every morning. It's cheap, isn't it ? (if you're interested, you can ask me personally the contact by comment in this post or to my email
At afternoon, we rent bikes and fortunately we got the cheap rent cost again, 30.000rp for 24 hours. We ride the bikes to enjoying the sunset at Sunset view Point on the north of the island. That is one of sunset view that i captured from gill trawangan island.

We spent every nights in 3 different bars, and my favorite was Sama Sama reggae bar, the live music was so refreshing. Drank many bottles of beer, laughed and shared, enjoyed the music, dance, and the unforgettable moment was when we played "dare of truth" game. we laughed so loudly for the answers and the punishments. Till we didn't realize that people around us which was all foreigner noticed us playing that game and got laugh too. hahaha, so fun !
We also tried so many kinds of restaurant in the side of beach, from the expensive price to the cheap traditional food like pecel hehe. anyway there is a delicious pecel near the harbour opened at 04.00 pm, we almost bought it every afternoon.
Day two was the day to enjoying the beauty of Gili islands underwater. Me, Ica, Pimpin, and Catra joined to snorkeling trip for 3 islands, gill trawangan, gill meno and gill air. Anyway, Catra is really good at swimming, He is a member of Gadjah Mada Diving Society. The trip started at 10.00 am till 03.00 pm, It cost 90.000rp / person, including the snorkeling equipments. First destination was snorkel at Gili trawangan island, then continued to Gili Meno, anyway i see the turtle swam when i was there :D. Stopped at gill Meno to had a lunch at Tam's cafe
ready to jump into the sea

People who joined the snorkeling trip, they are all foreign tourists, we were the only local tourists. 

The view when i had lunch in Tam's Cafe gill Meno

The last day in gili we visited gili Air. it cost 23.000rp for returned ticket from gili trawangan to gili air, the boat schedule to return is only had one time, it's at 4.00 pm. so if you have the plan visiting gili air for one day, don't miss the boat to return :).  Walked around Gili air, sunbathe, played some silly things, laughed, Took picture.
There are the differences between this 3 islands, if you're going to enjoy a night life, you should choose gili trawangan to stay. If you need a quite spot with beautiful scenery, gili air and gili meno are the good choice for honeymoon packages, since the spot is not crowded like gili trawangan, moreover, only few people who decide to stay in.

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