Bangkok in 5 days.

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So this is my last abroad travelling journey. It was Bangkok, Thailand, i went there with my 2 friends, the three of us. I know my laziness of creating a new post never be forgiven, i'm truly the procastinator person. And on the other hand, now i'm currently busy for my final project. I was feel so bad when saw my travelling pictures folder on my desktop, it's like "wow there are so many folder abandoned !" I fell really really bad. 
Apologizing in a thousand times even is not the only solution. Because apologizing without acting is nothing. So here they are some of my Bangkok's documentations. So, sorry i can't tell the story about he picture, but at least i put some caption below the photos. Enjoy !

This is Bangkok airport link, i took it from airport to my hotel in petchaburi.

 The street on Chatuchak Market on the weekend. So many cute, fashionable things on that market with a cheap price. it's a must market visit in bangkok !
 My daily transportation is bangkok sky train, you have to buy the coin to take the train.

 Bangkok sky train interchange
 Inside the bangkok sky train
 so this is the chao phraya tourist boat, we were heading to grand palace.

 in front of the grand palace
 the rules to get into grand palace

 the grand palace, bangkok.

 testing the bangkok's durian. You can see our face expressing the yummieness !! hehe

 The best thai tea in town !!
Suvarnabhumi international airport

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