Instagram Phenomenon

8:18:00 AM

I believe you all must be considering instagram as the most favorite mobile application nowadays. I don't need any reason to prove why does instagram succesfully become a big issue among media social junkies.
First of all, the creative feature it has, even instagram only contained of photos gallery, but that is the thing that make it more interested. I remember when first time i signed up instagram, and the first moment  i took was Jogja Fashion Week Stage, i took the frame and edit it with some filter choices. I become more and more addicted to instagram once i looked the feed of some instagram recomended account. I wonder how do they could make photos like them with only use camera and editting mobile applications. People said, learning is not only from some books, but also practices and look what expert do, analyze it, and make it by yourself.
I even now do not believe my instagram followers increasing more and more each day, and another feed galleries i have been found are more and more freaking awesome too. Oh my God, do you know the feeling when you think you are the creative one, but there are many more creative bastards in the world, then you feel like so small. 

Enough about the instagram phenomenon, so if you are sometimes curious about my instagram feed, i would like to give you my link . My instagram itself contained of my daily activities, travelling journey, cafe hunting and many more interesting things to captured. So, these are my photo collage.

 Daily Activities feed
 Landscape and Travelling Journey
 Cafe and Architecture Hunting
You know how i love foods, especially new food. When people argument why do people nowadays always take pictures before eating. I'm the only one who will answer at the front "WHY NOT?" I even do not understand with people who judge the social media junkies are such a bad, because they only want to do is show off, haha what a ridicilous narrow minded people !!
You Know, it's sharing ! I just want to share what i've been through, to make people that don't know become know and even interested then. Is that wrong ??

Well in the end, people will never stop judging you, because they only look you from outside. The only best solution is ignore them, go ahead, and live your life.

cheers, kadekarini

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