Hanbok, Traditional Korean Dress Experience in Jeonju Hanok Village

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Feeling like a Korean Princess in this Hanbok dress. Somehow I wonder how amazing this world for having so many kind of different cultures in around the world, and each has their own uniqueness. The rich culture that Korea has certainly become the interesting point of tourism community. South Korea is really popular with their palaces and traditional villages that being preserved and now become the UNESCO heritage sites.
“Okay, today’s itinerary, we will dress up in traditional Korean clothes and wandering around the Korea traditional village” said Jeannie our tour guide. Pretty much I thought that day was going to be a lot of fun !! Just 10 minutes away from our hotel in Hansung Hotel Jeounju, there was another lady dress up in Korea traditional dress explained the general information of the village. She walked up to the stairs in order to get the view from above. Just 5 minutes we arrived at the view point, it started to be raining, we kept walking but unfortunately the rain remained harder.
We decided walked down and stopped the activities until the rain over. I was so worried as the rain was getting harder and there wasn’t sign to stop in the next few hours. Couple of minutes later, Jeannie came up and brought us some umbrellas, we managed to go to the paper craft workshop where we will do the craft thing.
Get my korean crafting done !  finally i have a mirror :D
I know God heard the pray of indonesian lady who really wanted dress up like princess for once in her lifetime, the rain stopped and we came back to Jeonju Hanok Village after lunch. It was pretty sunny after the rain, and Jeonju Hanok Village was getting more and more crowded. As Jeannie said, there are couple of Hanbok rent houses, they have variety rent prices, it depends on what kind of dresses that we choose.
The one like this cost around 10,000 won
First thing to do when arrive at the workshop, I were given the locker key to keep all the stuffs safety. And then the staff asked me to choose which dress I would like to wear. There are 2 rows which divided by its price.

The rent price for Female Hanbok Clothes (2 hour) :
- Casual Hanbok (no pattern, and plain colour) cost around 5,000-10,000 won (5-10 USD)
- Pattern Hanbok (floral, colorful) cost around 15,000-20,000 won (15-20 USD)
The rent price for Male Hanbok Clothes (2 hour) :

- Casual Hanbok (no pattern, and plain colour) cost around 8,000-10,000 won (5-10 USD)
- King Hanbok (floral, colorful) cost around 15,000-20,000 won (15-20 USD)
I and cumilebay are ready to explore the area. Photo by Wira Nurmansayah
I felt so comfy wearing a hanbok, and it was really easy to use !! There was just 2 steps to complete the look. First step would be the dress (the skirt) and the second step was, put the bolero (the top). After finished dress up, the lady let me sitting down and she did my hair bride, the last one was put the headband. Voila !! now I’m ready to walk beautifully like a Korean princess. Almost at the end of main street, there was a palace named Gyeonggijion to complete your picture setting place absolutely !
Photo by Wira Nurmansayah
Hanbok that i wore cost 15,000 won as it has pattern on the top. Photo by Wira Nurmansayah
Surprisingly, not only foreigner tourists wore the hanbok but also the local tourists ! You will see so many couples walking around and did selfie together in hanbok costume. Even I successfully captured a couple who were doing a pre-wedding photo shoot with their metal photographer (read tripod).
A couple who did a pre-wedding photographer with tripod. I actually helping them get the best shot and they didn't mind :P
What else you can do in Jeonju Hanok Village ?? Yes FOOODD !! Along the main street of this area are food stalls, restaurants and souvenir shops. You will definitely feel hungry because of the smells, even though you just ate 3 times before that.

By Bus

- Gangnam Bus Terminal – Jeonju (2 hrs 40 mnts)
- Gwangju Bus Terminal – Jeonju (1 hr 30 mnts)
- From Jeonju bus terminal, take bus number 5-1 or 79, get off at Jeondang Cathedral (Hanok Village) bus stop

By Train

- Yongsan Station (KTX, Semaul, Mugunghwa) – Jeonju Station
- From Jeonju Station take bus number 12, 60, 79, 109, 119, 142, 508, 513, 536, 542, get off at Jeondang Cathedral (Hanok Village) bus stop

For More info about Jeonju Hanok Village, please click the link


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