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Even though this was my 2nd time visit South Korea, but this was my first time watching Korean musical and dance show. As we already know that K-Pop and K-Drama are the factors that make the tourism of South Korea keep growing. It's not only a few people decided to come to Korea just because they want to watch the K-Show in the country where it comes from, but a lot. Check out these 3 Korea Music and Dance show to make your Korea Trip itinerary feels different :


One of the reasons why we came to Jeonju is because Jeonju Music Festival was being held on October. This event is held only once in a year, so it was such a privilege opportunity to be able to attend this festival. Not only the music show people can find in the event but also some stalls that sell creative craft stuffs. 
The first time I arrive in event spot, I was amazed by the decoration, there was a little outdoor chilling area with such a unique decoration. They used recycle stuffs to decorate the area.
Some food stalls were placed in container concept stalls, they sell snacks like churros, burger, ice cream, and some local snacks that I don’t remember the names. One ticket I got to watch the show about Korean women, it was indoor and we were not allowed to take picture during the show. The show is in korea language, but we were given an English translated book.
Not only indoor show, there were also some outdoor stages, the one behind the main building is for competition show, for example : kid’s singing show, taekondo show. And the bigger stage showed the local musician which were my favorite ! there was not seats, people who want to watch the show had to sit at the stairs located right in front of the stage. Apparently I just know that Jeonju Music Festival also has performed in some overseas country, and they will come to Indonesia as well.

I wasn’t that interesting when seeing the title of the show, the first thing came on my mind was I was afraid that I would be sleeping during the show. I was afraid that it would be a boring show as it came for almost 2 hours. But, turned out that Fireman Show is my most favorite dance show that I’ve ever watched.
The Story was about all of the fireman officers and took a setting in fireman camp. There were 5 main actors who each has different personality. The story line was about their daily practice to become a good fireman. There was no dialogue, all the story was covered by dance and gesture. They also put jokes in all of the show that made the show turned to be so entertaining instead of boring ! 
At the last scene, they turned off the light and throw some paper that glowing in the dark and made it look like a fire in the dark.

I always get impress by all of the dancing abilities of those Korean people. They dances so good and total. Sachoom is also one of the famous Korean dance show that already having a roadshow in some countries. The sachoom story was about how the human being was born and being a kids, get a long to teenager’s life, fall in love, getting married, having kids, turn old, and die. 
The story pushed the guests to always chase your dream, because you only live once and don’t let that dream never happen and be buried together with your body.  I love how they cover the stories in the fun way and performed by so many good looking actor and actress !

Have you ever watched the Korea Dance Show, Let's share your experiences in the comment below :)


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