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“I was the one who got underestimated for dreaming too high, but now I am the one who’s living everyone's dream they said”

I was born and raised in a family that taught me “if you want something in your life, you have to make it happen by yourself”. My family is an average family, we don’t live in a big house nor going somewhere with luxury transportation, our lifestyle was pretty basic. We never do a family holiday going somewhere like other family do. My father used to work in a government office and got so many opportunities to travel around the world just because he’s one of those smart employees. Every time he got back from overseas countries, he showed me his thousand album photos while at the same time told me :


“if you want to travel around the world like me, you have to be in a high level position of your job, at least you have to be a manager or director, it’s really expensive to travel abroad, and you have to pay by yourself if you want”

10 years old me just kept thinking how to be a success person to be a able to see the world, touching my first snow, wearing my first stylist winter coat, having friends from different countries, and flying somewhere far away out of the country where I live in. Dad kept reminder me to just study and study to get a high position at job, so I can fulfill my dream to travel abroad. He told me it’s impossible to travel overseas at young age, he said my dream is too high for the 15 years old girl, I still have at least 20 years to pass to get my dreams come true.

"Stop dreaming, and be realistic"

I used to live in a family whom most of them are having a normal life. Get born, going to school, being a fresh graduate, having the first under paid job, getting married in 24-26 years old, saving money for buying a car, noticed as a success person when already have house and car, having kids, and live the entire streotype life. The lifestyle that is pretty much against my thoughts. No one have ever told me to be a person who never stop dreaming and dream as high as you can and catch it !

 “it was me, people and society who i shared the life with that constructed a huge palace of "never stop dreaming" kingdom on my soul”

25 years old me now is living everyone’s dream they said. It’s not a young age anymore but it isn’t old as well to be able to see part of the world. I just graduated from my collage 2 years ago and I don’t have any important position at job, instead of i'm being a boss of my own job. But, here I checked list my travel Bucket List, fulfilling my dream. Sometimes, It still feels unbelievable I can travel that often in my 20’s age, one by one dropped the pins on google maps of places where I’ve been. Not to mention what my dad said to wait until I am 30’s something when i am at high position of job already to be able to see the world.

People say “Flying over the Cappadocia in hot air balloon are one of their magical experiences”.  Yes It really looks like that in google, it’s beautiful, it’s magical but there was the feeling I couldn’t even describe that made me almost drop my tears.


We started early morning at 06.30 am, it was still dark and there were only a gas fire of the balloon enlighten the morning. We were welcomed by a cup of hot tea and some cookies before boarding. There was only 1 instructor in every balloon. And the balloon that we ride was contained of 2 baskets. Each basket maximum capacity is 10 people.

Before flying, the instructor gave us some basic information about how the balloon will go up and what the guests have to do to support the balloon departing and landing. All of the instructors have flying licensed that listed on Turkey Ministry of Tourism, so safety first is very aware. I was so nervous at the first time as I used to have a problem with height, but turned out it becomes THE BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE.

The best moment when flying was 30 minutes after departed, because the sun started to rise up and we also can see the other balloons surround ours. One and a half hours in the air, 800 meter above sea level with Cappadocia view down there. That golden sunrise even made the vibes so perfect.

PS : It felt like one of my dreams come true, A very huge thank you to Turkish Airline for flying me to Turkey and fulfilling my dream :”)

- There are so many hot air balloon company with various prices with cost around 150-200 USD. The one that I went is
Rainbow Balloons and cost 200 USD (including pick-up service and complimentary)
- The package is including snacks and celebration champagne when it finishes.
- We also will get a certificate of flight
- Pick up service at the hotel starts at 06.30 am on winter and 04.00 am on summer.

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