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I got invited for the opening launch of the new property of Modena By Fraser Hotel in Bangkok since a month before I landed in Thailand. I never say NO to any invitation going to Thailand just because this country is my second South east Asian love after my own country, Indonesia.


that’s the phrase I always say at the end of my trip in Bangkok. Apart of I have so many Thai friends nowadays, but also I fall in love with its street food !! Like totally being my another second street food love after indonesian street foods. Landed in Suvarnabmi International Airport, I got picked up by a lady holding a sign board of Modena Hotel by Fraser, the place where I would stay for the next 4 days.
"Click here the details about Modena by Fraser Hotel before heading to the next chapter"
It needs 45 minutes to reach the hotel from airport with some light traffic in the city center. From 200 meter away, I could see the high rise building with a very bold sign board of Modena by Fraser.
At the first sight, I fall in love with the newly modern architecture of the property. I was welcomed by the reception desk who then gave me a key heading to my room. My second favorite spot was the container box concept that delivered into the elevator, the yellow color made it contrast among other monochrome decoration color.
The Manager of the hotel gave me a complimentary to stay at one of the best room in the hotel. I was so surprised when stepping my first step changing from carpet to the wooden floor. It was a such a huge room full of facilities, like I could totally ended up cuddling on that convenient bed the whole day haha
I got my pantry where I could bake or prepare some light food by my own. And the sexy bathroom with the tempered glass connecting between bed room and bathroom was totally what I need after a long tired day.
As I am a freelancer which I could work from anywhere else, I used to finish my work in working table which face the window while waiting for the sunset with busy Bangkok city view.
The residences concept that Modena by fraser Hotel established makes really sense with its super strategic location. The bold feature is the Queen Sirikit national convention center where located just cross the hotel, and there is an underground walkway that connecting each other. Sirikit MRT station is just 1 minutes away walking from the lobby which makes the guests easier to access other destinations in Bangkok.
Even though all the architecture so modern, but Modena by fraser still bring the local culture into the building. Some of that we can see are the graphic design of TukTuk on the wall. Tuk Tuk is the local Thailand traditional vehicle.
The public facilities successfully accommodate the business traveler such as Fitness room, laundry room (which becomes my favorite !! because sometimes I got pretty confused looking for laundry out of the hotel where is stay, in house laundry is definitely a great idea !). There is also a bar near the lobby where usually have such a best deal promotion of drink ! (you gotta check out regularly).
It was such a pleasant stay in Modena by Fraser Bangkok, but I still have story of where I spent the days in Bangkok while enjoying my chill moments at night in Modena by Fraser Bangkok.

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