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To be honest I am quite picky choosing food to eat, some of my friends see me weird because I don’t like the food that most of people like it. Okay, does it sound weird to you too ? *eh…

“My stay in Modena By Fraser Bangkok during 4 days in Bangkok was really one of the best chill moments in Bangkok’s property I’ve ever had (if you haven’t read about this story, read this before by click the link)”
Thailand is one of those countries that i never get enough of its local foods. Like all Thai foods are just suit my Asian tongue. I love street food, like I do really loveeee it….
That’s why when Modena by Fraser brought me to the floating market to experience the local street food, I got pretty much excited !!

This is one of 5 floating markets in Bangkok, I was lucky because I came on Saturday which the market usually only open. Yep, every Saturday, you will see a bunch of tables filled devouring huge roasted prawns and all the famous roasted fish.
It was impressive to watch all the chefs prepared the foods on the boat which floating in the river. Walking out of the river, there was also an alley full of street food stalls along the way. They usually sell traditional thai snacks, from Thai tea, and all the beautiful foods decorated with garnish.

When you are in Thailand, scream for TOMYUM…….A short funny story about how all those thai really obsess with tomyum. When my Thai friend came to Indonesia, I asked him to try “Bakso” (Indonesian food made of meat ball and soup). Bakso used to have a clear soup with some noodle inside. But then my friend asked for more chili sauce and suddenly the soup color change from clear into red, just because he put too much chili sauce in order to make it more spicy (he said he doesn’t used to eat plain food, we Thailand are really a big fan of spicy and sour food). I simply told him “it’s now not called Indonesia bakso anymore, but Indonesia Tomyum). He then just laughed so hard…
The one that I tried was a little big different because it was served in a big plate with some toppings added which we can choose to put on our plates. The eating culture of  Thai people is share the foods, they usually order several menu and put it on the center of table, then we can grab anything to our own plates. This is the same concept, and you can request which topping you would like to add. PERFECT !!

Another screaming when in Thailand, Mango sticky rice !!! This country is really famous with its worldwide mango sticky rice. Mango Tango is the famous one which served all menu about mango. They come not only to mango sticky rice, but there are also mango pudding, mango juice, mango soup and etc.
To be honest that was the best desert made of mango that I’ve ever tried !! As a big fans of mango, this is like my heaven place. I found out the type of Thailand mango is different with Indonesia mango. Thai Mango comes with yellow skin and the texture is also more juicy comparing to Indonesian mango.

Do you like Thai Foods as much as I do ? let’s share your favorite foods in the comment below J


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