Adelaide Sky Leads Me Experiencing These Amazing 6 Things in South Australia

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It’s my first time in Adelaide eventhough i heard a lot about this city since some of my college friends went to the university of Adelaide for student exchange and I heard a lot of interesting stories from them. Adelaide is located in the Southern part of Australia and has been listed on  Top 10 cities to visit in 2014 on Lonely planet and South Australia also listed as BEST TRAVEL REGIONS on Lonely Planet. When talking about Australia, it might always be about Sydney or Melbourne, but the first article about Australia on my blog would be about Adelaide, the city where i stayed in for the last 6 days.

1. Admiring the beautiful Adelaide sky in Glenelg Beach and Mt Lofty Summit

Sunset in Mt. Lofty, Adelaide
Sunset in Mt. Lofty, Adelaide
Sunset in Glenelg Beach, Adelaide
Sunset in Glenelg Beach, Adelaide

I officially become Adelaide Sky number one fans, I’ve been listening to Adelaide Sky by Adhitia Sofyan song (here’s the link to listen if you guys haven’t listened) which makes me sometimes wonder how the sky looks like hence it really inspired him. The first time I saw Adelaide’s sky when I was sitting on window seat on the plane from Singapore to Adelaide.
Adelaide Sky woke me up through my airplane's window seat for sunrise
The night flight gave me an opportunity to see the sunrise sky from the air which turned out the most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen. It was pinkish which  slowly faded away and changed into blue-yellowish color. Every Sunset I saw in Adelaide were always beautiful, the color gradient was so dramatic.

Entrance ticket : free
Distance to Glenelg Beach : 60 minutes
Distance Mt Lofty Summit : 60 minutes by public transportation, 30 minutes by car.

2.  Walk around in the city with old European buildings vibes.
Adelaide city center is not really big to explore. Once you arrived in CBD, you won’t feel like you’re in the city center as what you’d see is the well-mantained European old buildings instead of highrise modern architecture.
Walking around in Adelaide Museum Art Gallery

Adelaide City center still filled with heritage buildings.

3.   Meet The friendly Kangaroo in Cleland Wildlife Park
In Cleland Wildlife Park, guests can find Australian native animal such as; Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, and Wallabi. Mostly, all the wildlife parks in Australia have the walking discovery concept to explore the area. They are all walking distance and the path are accessible. Animals are placed in their real habitat instead of inside a cage.

Most of kangaroos stay in a group.
Do you know that Koala spent 70% of her life sleeping ?
A dream of Being a kangaroo whisperer has just been ticked.

The ticket counter also sells animal food which usually bought by the guests to feeding kangaroo, so they can come closer. Guest are not allowed feeding animals with human food or any food out of the animal food that are sold.

Entrance ticket : AUD 25, Animal Food : AUD 3
Distance : 60 minutes from the city center by public transportation, 30 minutes by car.

More info :

 4. Road trip in scenic Barossa Valley

- Peter Lehman Wines
Barossa Valley located 60 km northeast of Adelaide city centre which is notable as a wine-producing region and legendary popular foods. The local usually go to Barossa Valley on the weekend with friends or family while enjoying glass of wine in the lawn.
Picnic set in the lawn
In weekend some Australian spend their time going to suburbs and having quality time with their loved ones

- Apex bakery (Old Style Bakery)

Apex Bakery was founded in 1924 with its special wood oven which continuously fired for 75 years. We were given a chance to visit the kitchen where all the breads were baked. The legendary oven is so huge, looks a room with size 12m2.
The Legendary Apex Bakery
The Legendary Apex Bakery

- Lunch in Maggie Beer’s Farm Shop

Maggie Beers is a famous Australian chef, sha used to has her own cooking TV Shows, until she decided to make her own shop in Barossa Valley. The shop is very small located by the river filled with some tables for guest who wish to have a lunch. There is a cooking demo area and farm shop selling jam, non-alcoholic wine, cakes and etc.
Food shopping area in Maggie's beer
A cooking demo inside Maggie's beer.
Having lunch with a view in Maggie's Beer
Having lunch with a view in Maggie's Beer

Entrance ticket :Free
Distance : 1 hr 10 minutes by car (there is no public transportation), hire car with driver is around AUD 70-120/day. Click here to see more info

5. Experience the German vibes in Hahndorf German Village
It was surprising how the ambience gave me a feel of being in Europe instead of being in Australia. The architecture of the building, the music that played by street musician and the culinary menu were so European. There are a lot of German restaurants, and cafés.

Entrance ticket : free
Distance : 50 minutes with bus to Grenfell St.
Rainbow ice creams in Hanhdorf Village
German Street Musician in Hanhdorf Village
Hanhdorf village
Hanhdorf village
6. One Day Trip in Kangaroo Island with Sealink Travel
A one day trip in Kangaroo Island is my favorite of all. It was quite far from Adelaide city center, but it was worth it. We have to take a bus to go to the ferry terminal at 06.00 am, the journey took around 1,5 hour. Crossing the island by the ferry took 1 hour. When arrive in Kangaroo island, we had to move to another bus which would be our bus the whole day. The tour finished at 5.00 pm and the driver will take us either to ferry terminal or Kingscote airport to go back to Adelaide. We took the Airplane going back to Adelaide, the plane is so small and only has around 30 seats, flight took 30 minutes and will be landing in Adelaide International Airport.

- Seal Bay
The first destination is a seal bay, this is the place that for the first time I met seals in their real habitat. Eventhough they  bite, but surprisingly, they look so cute, bubbly, and lovely like I really want to hug them. Seals are found in the most waters of the world, mainly in the Arctic and Antartic but also in some areas of the tropics.
Seeing seals in their habitat in Seal bay, Kangaroo Island
Seeing seals in their habitat in Seal bay, Kangaroo Island

- Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary
My first encounter with wild koalas who’s comfortably sleeping on the 7 meter tree. I knew that koalas have good ability to climb tree, but I’ve never expected that they can go that high.
Do you know that koala can climb a 7 meter tree ?
- Flinders Chase National Park
The place that has such a breathtaking view, a road to get there was absolutely amazing. If you guys have plan to going here, make sure to sit in front seat, right behind the driver’s seat.
Flinders Chase National Park has such amazing landscape

Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia
Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia
Flinders Chase National Park, South Australia

For more info about Kangaroo Island day trip, click this

Transportation In Adelaide
- Visitor Pass cost AUD 26 and validate for 3 days. During 3 days, visitors can take any transportation (metro bussed, trams, trains) in Adelaide.
- The card could be bought in Metro Information center in city center.

Where To Stay in Adelaide
- I stayed in Ibis Hotel Adelaide during 5 days. The location is very good, right in the city center of Adelaide where you everything is walking distance. 5 minutes walk to tram station, 5 minute walk to bus stop, convenience store is 5 steps away, and the mall is located behind the hotel. Click here to see more info.

Where to Eat in Adelaide
- Adelaide Central Market
This market has been established since 1869, one of Australia’s largest fresh produce markets. Not only fresh produce but we can also find several restaurants, bakery shop, and ice cream, salad store, or European restaurants. Next to the market there is China town where we can find Asian food.
- CBD Adelaide
City center offer so many kind of restaurants, take a walk around the Rundle mall, there are western, Japanese, Korean restaurants and also Indonesian restaurant named “Pondok Hijau”. Almost restaurants close at 9.00 pm and at the weekend close at 04.00 pm.

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