Traveling with My Mother but I Got Sick on My First Day in Japan

6:31:00 PM

Kon’nichiwa from Japan ! So excited to be back here after 3 years have passed of my last visit. Japan is the first overseas country where I’ve spent out my 1 year saving money on from my piggy bank in university.

I knew this time would be more fun as I am traveling with my mother. Japan is currently in golden week when almost all the Japanese taking a vacation, so don’t be surprise of the crowded tourism places. However, i’m so ready to explore more the country !
Japanese wearing kimono in Kanazawa
We departed from Indonesia at 05.00 pm flying with the tickets that I bought only for Rp 3.800.000 round trip Jakarta – Tokyo at the travel Fair held in Jakarta this year (read here the story), and that would be my first time arriving in Tokyo Airport. There are 2 airports in Tokyo, Narita International Airport and Haneda international Airport  which is closer to the city center of Tokyo, Narita airport is a little bit out of town.
During our stay in Tokyo, we booked a room in Mystays Hotel, Nippori and got a very best rates 12.000 yen for 2 nights. Traveling with mother (52 years old) would be more difficult considering the accommodation, itinerary, and transportation as physically she is not as young as me, so i had to make sure everything would be very convenient for her.
Little Fushimi Inari in Tokyo
Just like what people say about a virgo, this perfectionist bi**h has made a very well organized itinerary before landing in Japan, but it all turned out not like what she has expected.

On the first day in Japan, I got sick, like literally sick. I already can felt that my body didn’t feel well a day before departing. I had a sore throat that surely affected my body temperature warmer, and felt like having less energy. I believe that’s all my fault of not taking care what I’ve consumed, drink water less and ignoring the importance of enough sleep (oh gosh now i'm mastering the sleepless days). I’ve been overdosed by crazy work lately. But really, being sick during holiday felt like so bad, and moreover, I need to put more attention to my mother but then I even could not taking care of myself.
Betadine Obat Kumur is my Toiletries Essential
But guess what, I believe this is the perks of traveling with a mother, she was even more well prepared than i was. Knowing her daughter was not in a good body condition, she gave me a bottle of Betadine Obat Kumur. She said she’s been using it these last two weeks to prevent sprue, sore throat and bad breath. Betadine Obat Kumur has 1% povidone lodine that proven being able to eliminate the virus which causes a sore throat. We just can do a gargle for 30 seconds three-five times in a day, if you’re currently having a sore throat, it should be better to gargle five times in a day for the faster cure.
The travel size Betadine Obat Kumur Antiseptik (100 ml) really supports the traveler, it fits inside my hand bag, so while I am away from the hotel room, i can still bring it everywhere and spare 10 minutes toilet break 3 times in a day to gargle. It surely heals the sore throat after using it regularly in 3 days. I felt better day by day and getting ready to finish the itinerary with my new travel partner, my mom !  Because you would never be happy doing something if your body doesn't say so. Be healthy, be energetic, and start exploring ! :)

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