Waterboom Pandawa Solo

9:32:00 AM

I've hemm bout 5 free days, and to be frank it makes me so bored !! I just doing nothing worthy in my room, sleeping, watching dvd, online, and blablabla......
And finally on sunday my friend asked me to join her went to waterboom pandawa solo, surely i've got excited as i was loathe of those boredom activities, so i accepted his offer. I've got two new friends, they're fajar and beston and one of them is great in photography ;)
Here are some of his captured and retouched by me...


yeah Waterboom Pandawa Solo was rocking my sunday, you should visit there and try to have so many interesting kind of slides, my favorite one is the black hole slide awww you should try !! there is no light, totally dark you're gonna sliding without lighting !!
with javanese decoration especially 'gatot kaca' yo just only pay for 35.000 it's cheap enough, isn't it ? and the last one i love at all, thank's Waterboom Pandawa Solo, also Ria, Beston, Fajar ;)

p.s : i'm gonna have a math test tomorrow, i'll surrender all to GOD

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