Singapore (One)

3:29:00 AM

Hello guys, what are you busy on currently ? I miss my blog so much anyway since my attendence in Bekasi for 3 weeks, i lost an internet connection in order to i 've to find out the wi-fi spot -___-
Hell yeah obviously i'm such as terrible without an internet connection and to be frank its succesfully made me addicted. Anyway, how was your holiday ? me so likey, i had a wonderful family travelling to Singapore for 3 days this weekend and i was so excited during that trip evenmore thankfull to GOD for made my family gathering felt like precious moment. Remember our last gathering trip was 8 years ago. These are some pics in Singapore...


p.s : Anyway if you wanna have a travell to there, you must try the King Ice Cream Walls (the second pic), with one dollar singapore you could have a big ice cream that covered by a bread or waffer. How bout the flavor ? don't worry there are durian, chocolate, blueberry, Raspberry, Green Tea, and i recommend to durian and chocolate. Surely it's really worthy to be tasted :)

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