Hello Holiday

4:30:00 AM

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The last wednesday morning with you before our temporary separation for 2 months which is actually so hard for me to be the one without you next to me. It was so much fun early morning at "Candi Ratu Boko Yogyakarta". In the other hand, I'm desperately losing your stuff currently. I know i supposed to be excited being home, but it suddenly fades away while your name doesn't exsist in my phone inbox every morning even almost for the whole days like usually you does. There're a hundred reasons why i shouldn't to be worried of you but there're more thousand reasons why i have to be worried of you.
Skip this one, i'm officially at home and surely get ready for the great holiday (i hope it would be)
Welcome holiday, you have to promise will make me enjoy !! HAPPY HOLIDAY PEOPLE :))

ps : you must be never know how desparetely i am losing your stuff in my whole day my dear, i'm starting to missing you. it doesn't mean i want to leave my home faster, but i just want you here sitting next to me, hug me, and cheer me. i always be waiting for your news every single time my dear :(

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