Nia's 21st birthday

4:25:00 AM

I have to thank for the long long weekend last week, i spent several days at home. It's truly HOME, the place where i spent my childhood and my teenager. The place where i did some fun things with schoolmates. and the place where mother would always be in my side. As always i never forget to meet my bestfriends in every my house's visit. And now I had some plans to have an amateur photo session with my friends, i took the place near my house then. It is at Grand Wisata residence Tambun Bekasi.

Then i want to share about my bestfriend 21st birthday, Kurnia Dewi Sekar Tanjung. She's one of my best friend i ever had. i met her firstly when i was in junior highschool. We've been a chairmate for 3 years and until nowadays we still be a good friend. I gave her a scrapbook alike with frame, ordered it in Tissa Florika, my college mate. For details info click her blog

Happy 21st birthday the future dentist Nia, i'm so lucky having you as my bestfriend. May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments, and shining dreams. (Eva from left with the green skirt, Nia with the pink skirt and me with the orange outwear)

 This is the present. taraaaaa..........
When Tissa made this, i asked her to capture some processing documentatios, and she agreed. so these are the process. Enjoy :D

ps : For you guys who interest to order, you can click Tissa's blog for details info.

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