Sempu Island

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It's about 2 months postponement to post my Sempu Island Journey. I am very sorry but it's still hot to share, isn't it ? hehe
Well, this is not a long time jouney, more about my sweet escape of campus life. Yes, i'm the one who can't be live with only sitting inside the room nor staying in one place/city while i have much or a short free time.
The Sempu Island journey started on thursday. I left for Malang on thursday night from Yogyakarta, We bought Malabar train tickets with 90.000 idr price, The bussiness train departed at 10.00 pm and arrived on Malang at 05.30.
The day after, we safely arrived at Kota Lama Malang station, washed our face and brushed the teeth, 15 minues later we were heading to Pasar Induk Gadang by riding a public transportation AG or AMG with 2.500 idr on price. it was need 5 minutes to be arrived at the first destination. Time was showed at 07.00 am, before we were going to the next step we had to make sure our tent was already brought. The bad thing was, the place where we rent the tent would be open at 08.00 am in the morning. So what should we do ? nothing else than waiting !!
hmmm...Have you ever feel sitting in the train for 7 hours ? okay, it was not only sitting, i also slept, then have you ever feel sleeping on the train with the uncomfy yet stiffy seat ? okay it was felt like you didn't get the rest. haha

Okay then, we bought some water on the mini market, because from what we discoverd from blogging, There will be no freshwater. Time was showed at 08.00, Raisa, one of us took the tent by herself and back for 15 minutes later. All packs were ready, then we took another public transportaion that heading to Dampit-Pasar Turen with 3.500 idr on price. Already arrived at Pasar Turen, based on the itinerary we have to ride another public transportation to sendang biru, it was told it would be took 2 hours on the car to be arrived on the destination. We never thought that 2 hours would be longer become 4 hours with the detail 2 hours waiting + 2 hours riding. It also surprised us when knew that small car with the maximum capacity on 13 person was fill by 23 adult person and absolutely plus their own big backpacks or even luggages. Do you want to know how did it feel ? yes, We felt like a group of fishes on the straw. 4 hours passed, we finally arrived on Sendang Biru, but the hard way was not ended. Keep Read the story below !

After the 15 minutes crossed by boat from sendang biru, we arrived at Sempu Island, but wait, do you think when you are arrived at the island you will be welcomed by wide blue beach view ? Absolutely nooo !!
You have to tracking in 3 hours, it sounds easy but trust me you have to feel it by yourself, i bet you will change it into hard level if that is a game !! haha. It even can not be told, just think yourself by see my photos above or just experience it by yourself.

We tracked the sloughy slippery land for 2,5 hours, what slippery ? yes !! i even falled for 4 times and my legs also was stucked in the mud, then i screamed "ah my legs !!" it was my first time happend in my life, so it's ok to be dramatic person, right ? hehe .Times needed were passed, we conditionally ran when see the beach after the 2,5 hours tired walking time at the wilderness jungle.Oh my God the beaachhh !!!

Before the sky was got dark, we had to build the tent, another problem was appeared then, none of us has built the camp before !! and i almost forget to state that i went there with the ladies only, ok got it ? that is why people especially those fuckin boys stared at us and yelled with underestimate words.
The camp was built for 1 hours, yes we argued a lot, and sure there was any framework joint mistakes. But in the end it was built and we could lay our bodies down on sand beach as a base.

The condition at night at the camp, no confortable bed, no water, no electricity, no toilet, no pillow and no more else !! just the four of us, camp, and the almost casserole rice. poor ? yeah, but at least we were learned to be the independent person, not a spoiled city person who always surrounded by luxurious things.

The sun was rised, we woke up with the laguna beach as the view. 

That was a little story about my Sempu Journey, curious ? just expereince it by yourself or feel it by see my photos uploaded.

My Sempu Island itinerary is attached below. enjoy !

cheers, kadekarini

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