A Journey with Cetaphil, Go Fearless and Do What You Love with Healthy Skin

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 Reach the top of Mount Tambora, Sumbawa, Indonesia

“They say by not having white skin is weird, being not white means dirty !”

I grew up in circumstances where people think that a beautiful woman is the one with white skin. No matter what your original skin is, you need to have a white skin to not being humiliated. It’s sometimes funny knowing the fact that we are living in a tropical country which almost all the season of  the year is summer, but those bunch of women still spend a lot of money and do too much effort to make them have white skin, just because to meet the ideal beauty that the society expects.
Nusa penida, Bali (read full strory here )
Daocheng National Park, China
I was born with a brown skin and grew up with it all of my life. I joined several outdoor activities back when I was in school. Spent 2 days in a week playing basketball, went swimming every weekend and keep continuing what I do really enjoy until now, exploring the nature. There was a moment when I was sick of those derision teasing me to buy all the whitening products and just stay at home coz my skin is getting way too dark.
“They told me to stop meet the sun to get my skin lighter”

Instead of having less confidence of my brown skin, I keep questioning what’s wrong with a tanned skin ? do I have to stop what I love to live the dream that the society is striving for ? Is it really wrong to have a tanned skin ?

“It’s OK not to have white skin, as long as we have a healthy proud tanned skin !”

Let’s deal with it ! I spent almost quarter time of my life going to the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking the mountains, riding a motorcycle and call myself a #ProudTan as the result of those outdoor activities afterwards. But there is something you have to be aware of facing the sun frequently. When the skin gets darker doesn’t mean it turns out to be unhealthy. There is nothing wrong of being tan as long as we still manage the health of our skin.
Do not ever leave the house with bare skin, either when the sun is bright or in a cloudy day. The skin uses sunlight to help produce vitamin D, which is important for normal bone formation. But sometimes its ultraviolet light can be very detrimental.

“Frequent and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays over many years is the chief cause of skin cancer”

That’s why we should protect our skin by covering up sensitive areas and wearing sun screen with SPF. Use the skin protector especially on the face for daily routine. I currently use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 for my daily treatment before leaving the house. To be honest, I am quite picky in choosing the daily skin care for myself. I prefer the one which has light texture and easy to apply, as I will use it everyday. Skin that is kept moisturized feels more supple and smoother when you touch it, and Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 is just like the answer of the problems. Non-greasy moisturizer nourishes and hydrates the skin and the SPF 15 will also protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.
If you haven’t known before that I have such a sensitive kind of skin type, hence I always worry to try any new skin care. But, this Cetaphil product is suitable for all skin type and for those who have sensitive skin becomes the reason why I didn’t doubt at all to try. The fragrance free means that it does not contain any overrated chemical composition (you can see more the details of product here) Moreover, I really love how convenient the packaging is. It comes in a bottle that has a pump dispenser at the top. With one pump, it dispenses just the right amount of lotion to cover my whole face.

I believe that just like the other organ of our body, skin doesn’t only need outer treatment but also inner. Drink mineral water, have a regular sleep time and be happy ! Do what you love, and never stop doing things you really enjoy.

“Because healthy skin originally comes from the happy soul :)*

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