My 2016 Best Nine Travel Instagram Photos and Stories Behind Them

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Facebook reminds me that today is 2 days left of 2016 before moving to 2017. Time flies so fast when we’ve actually passed 12 months, 365 days and 8760 hours but all the moments that we’ve been through 1 year ago feels just like yesterday.

A year full of “dreams do come true” if I might say something for this year,
A year that I could finally do things that I really enjoy,
A year of pushing my limit and leaving my comfort zone,
A year of self improvement that imperfections are what make people truly beautiful,
A year of chance to meet amazing people from around the world,
A year of believe that it’s not impossible to doing what you love for a living, and
A year to say “don’t allow anyone to tell you, it’s not possible”.

One year is definitely not a short time, there were so many things happened, some of them were just moments that passed by and some of them are being the memories that will last forever. I am so lucky, even though I am not kind of story teller person and being so lazy to update stories on my blog (I feel bad about that) but I got back up by instagram for saving the best memories of my 2016. Yes of course, I have my own best nine moments, but this time let instagram shows you my 2016 best nine and let me tell you the story behind them. Oh, if you want to make your own version, i get it at this website :

1. Flying in Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia, Turkey
“Bucket list checked, I almost drop my tears when flying over Cappadocia in the hot air balloon. It felt like dreams do come true for them who want”. This is the highlight of my whole year 2016. Definitely big thank’s to Turkish Airline for such an incredible experience.
I took this photo randomly with the gopro 4 and the stick wihout knowing that the sun light behind me was perfectly shine. This is the most likes photo on my instagram yet it captured the moment beautifully.

2. Sunrise in Hot Air Ballon Cappadocia, Turkey
“I was the one who always got underestimated for dreaming too high. But now I am the one who’s living everyone’s dream they say”. I didn’t plan to say this, but it just came out suddenly when I realized that I checked my bucket list one by one. Second best post also comes from my Turkey Experience.
Since I knew that this photo was going to be a silhouette, so i asked my friend to look up and point something in front of her just to make a gesture of the subject hence it would not be ended up by a photo of a huge dark subject, but it looks more like there was a story behind the silhouette instead.

Read more about this story here :

I Almost Drop My Tears When Flying Over Cappadocia in Hot Air Balloon

3. The Best Breakfast all of my life was in Cappadocia, Turkey
“Just woke up and suddenly wondered how my life would be without friends. Like having good friends is a blessing. To all my friends, you were just being the guardian of my happiness”
Breakfast in the sky they named it. The behind the scene of this photo was quite funny. So, this breakfast setting wasn’t on our itinerary and also didn’t held at our hotel. This is the real story; the day before this, we got the incredible experience watching sunrise through the hot air balloon, but since based on itinerary, there was no watching sunrise activity facing the landscape of Cappadocia, we made our own customize itinerary. We asked the tour guide whether there is any hotel which opened for breakfast on the rooftop. And luckily, he said his friend owns a boutique hotel in Uchisar Village that can provide us a breakfast on the rooftop. So I asked my group if anyone want to join have to be ready at 05.30 am, ended up it was only 7 of us.

4. Turning 25 years old in Padar Island, Indonesia
“Turning 25 year old today, apparently I have such amazing birthday celebrations these past 2 years. Last year, I was at the peak of Rinjani Mountain when turned 24 years old, and now I am in the middle of very awesome talented international bloggers in #TripOfWonders #WonderfulIndonesia.
Life goes more impressive day by day, I met more and more amazing people and experience more fantastic things that I never Imagine I’d had it if I am not a blogger. Thank you guys for the wishes, can’t wait for the next adventure coming !

5. 2016 is a year of #TripOfWonders
“I have visited the island of Komodo for 4 times, but never got bored”
This photo was taken at my third visit in Komodo island. But this became so special because I went there as a delegation to promote Indonesia tourism to the world which all wrapped up on #TripOfWonders. Currently these past 2 years, the Ministry Of Indonesia Tourism has media trips that invited social media influencers from all over the world to experience the wild life and rich culture of Indonesia and share them to their social media channels. So, I went with other international bloggers from USA, Canada, South America, Europe, South Africa, and South East Asia Countries on the trip. My English speech on behalf Indonesian bloggers at farewell dinner was actually a pressure,  but I made it fluently just because it came honestly from my heart. Words couldn’t described how honored I am got the opportunities to show these people the beauty of my country, Indonesia. To be dragged into these amazing creative people was totally priceless. Big thank’s to Ministry of Indonesia Tourism for this unforgettable moments J

Read more stories about #TripOfWonders here :

ABOUT BANDUNG : Hipster Cafe + Culinary + Shopping + Family Getaway

6.  Exploring Nusa Penida Hidden View, Bali

“I cannot believe this beautiful view are located in Bali”
Unexpected trip ended up so great !! We spent 2 days 1 night exploring a small island In the south of Bali called Nusa Penida and found such a jaw dropping views like this. I wrote an article to sum up places I went in Nusa Penida. Click the link to read the stories about Nusa Penida :

4 Beautiful Views of Nusa Penida You Won't Believe are in Bali

7. Yogyakarta Vibes in VW Combi
“That was my first time driving an old VW Combi and I felt like driving a container”
Proud of myself to be successful drive this 60’s VW Combi for 88 km from Pogung, Jalan Kaliurang to Parangtritis beach and vice versa in Jogja. We stopped over at such a cute bed and breakfast property called “Rumah Paris Jogja”. Read more the stories here :

Rumah Paris Bed & Breakfast Hotel - Penginapan Unik di Yogyakarta

8. Yogyakarta, Where All The Stories Began
“Yogyakarta, my love for you is still as much as the day i met you, my admiration for you is still as much as the moment you taught me about modesty and true friendship, my longing for you is still as much as the time i left you after lived in for 4 years. Selalu ada alasan untuk pulang lagi ke Yogyakarta"
Just posted 5 days ago, when I was in Jogja. Yes, I have a sentimental story of Jogjakarta, living there for 4,5 years has taught me everything. This is the city where my passion on traveling has been growing up. This photo was taken in Magelang, at the rooftop of the church or we usually call it “Gereja Ayam”. Woke up earlier for the sunrise at Puthuk Setumbu and we then hiked a little steep track heading to the church. The view here was amazing, we got to see 4 big mountains in central java; Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sumbing and Mount Sindoro. Read the stories here :

Majestic View of Borobudur Sunrise via Puthuk Setumbu and Manohara Hotel

Menyapa Sang Raja Yogyakarta, Gunung Merapi 2968 mdpl

Badai Pasti Berlalu di Gunung Merbabu 3142 mdpl

9. Sun Flower in Changi Airport, Singapore
“Having a good times while transit in Changi Airport, they have a sun flower garden that totally blooming that time"
Changi Airport is definitely one of the best airports that I’ve been, so many facilities provided for the travelers. I also just wrote an article of 20 things you can do while transit in Changi Airport. Read the story here :

20 Things to Make Your Transit in Singapore Changi Airport Exciting

So those are my 2016 best nine instagram photos and some little stories behind them. What about next year ? I currently write down my resolution list for next year, pretty much i bet it would be a lot more exciting ! See you next year 2017 ! J

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