6 Instagram Spots in Dessert Museum, Manila

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Flying to Philippines for the first time and couldn’t be more excited about what this country has to offer. Yes, I’m living in Indonesia but never have been to Philippines. I flew from Jakarta, Indonesia to Manila, Philippines with Air Asia, they just launched the new direct route from Jakarta or Bali to Manila, the capital city of Philippines. The direct flight fly once in a day and took around 4 hours and 30 minutes. Schedule from Jakarta to Manila is at 11.00 am – 04.30 pm and from Denpasar to Manila 12.30 am – 04.30 am.

Staying in Microtel that located in front of Mall of Asia complex, I was very lucky being able to see the beautiful sun that set in the bay behind the hotel. The hotel has good location and pretty convenient to walk around, just 10 minutes walk to the ferris wheel that offer pretty sunset as the background, and 10 minutes walk to go to the Mall of Asia where I accidentally found the uber cute Dessert Museum !

The Dessert Museum is located at Conrad Maison, Mall Of Asia complex. When you go to the main lobby of Conrad, there you will see the dessert museum at the front. The first area is ticket counter where you’ll be given an e-bracelet as the entrance access. Ticket price is 799 php or around 200.000 rupiah for one person,  little bit pricey but I can say it was worth the price, keep reading to know how worth it is.

We’ll need to slide down to go to the first area of doughnut, yes they built the slide with pinky doughnut decoration. The wall was decorated with various doughnut toppings and full of hanging doughnut coming from the ceilings.

Second spot is Marshmallow area which becomes my favorite ! Of Course the marshmallow are not real ! but they look like real at glance. Step forward from the hanging marshmallow, there is a marshmallow stall. And yess we can get one as easy as just tap our e-bracelet, then the staff will help us.

Here, you’ll be asked whether choosing the strawberry or chocolate flavor. The end of marshmallow area is two doors which we needed to choose, the pink one that labeled as naughty or the blue one labeled as nice, and we need Naughty Room ! haha

There is no different between both doors, because they eventually go to the same area which is candy area. Candy area probably has more space than the others, and it feels like kids playground with the swing.

Beside the photogenic installation, there is also written funny fact about the dessert on the wall. The photo booth in ice cream area is hot air balloon with ice cream cone as the platform and colorful balloon that ready to fly us. Don’t forget to tap your e-bracelet as you’ll get the corn or fruit ice cream !

There are doors that separate the rooms, and there are staffs that will open the access hence we cannot go to the next room if it’s not the time. Cotton candy area is full of pink color decoration. The ceilings is made from pink cotton that symbolize the fairy floss.

Lollipop Area
The last photogenic spot is Lollipop area, here we can find the wrecking balls that symbolize the lollipop. As the last room, we were given a white chocolate as souvenir.

There are total 8 concept rooms, and each room presents one dessert. The ticket price (799 php) is include all the 6 desserts that will be given; marshmallow, macaroon, ice cream, fairy floss, chocolate ball, and white chocolate. So that’s totally worth the price. I could say the interior and decoration are UBER CUTE, and it really looks like the real dessert heaven.

There is not much information about the history of the dessert itself, but well, who will say no to this colorful and photogenic spots ?

The dessert museum is not only for kids but also for adults who believe there is always time for dessert.

Kadek Arini

Instagram : @kadekarini
YouTube : Kadekarini

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